Sarah, say it ain't so!

I love this lady.  She has more guts than the entire Republican Caucus in Congress.  She is vilified constantly and her family is ridiculed and humiliated.  Yet, she stands tall and claims the one banner that no smug so-called journalist can snatch from her — mom.

But it’s not simply motherhood that makes her special it is the very essence of Sarahood that rises to such a leftist curdling annoyance.  She is a mother who is proud to be a mother.  She is a woman who tells other woman not to kill unborn children.  She is exactly who the National Organization for Women should be fighting for except that she is pro-life and pro-marriage.  She is the super-woman that Gloria Steinam wrote about but she has her own thoughts AND THEY CAN’T STAND IT!!!

That is why she is chastised.  If she would only say that a woman has a right to choose…  If she would only say that marriage is for anyone couple who’s in love…  If she would only said that  Katie Couric is a journalist and not a moring talk show host…  IF she would only be what NOW and the controlled media want her to be than we could ALL love her.

But for now, only those who love exactly who she is can feel for her.  Only those who are insulted and disgusted by idiots who think it is alright to ridicule mentally handicapped children, or joke about the rape of our young daughters can understand her.  Only those who are tired of seeing and hearing and reading the single sided media propaganda can hope that this is not over.  Please Sarah, say it ain’t so.