Protesters Behaving Badly

I hope that you are not upset at a liberal deciding to post a diary entry here. If you feel that this is crossing the line about how liberals should be expected to behave in a conservative home, please say so.

I believe that liberals and conservatives both can agree on many subjects. We may disagree about the best way to deal with certain problems, but we generally both agree that the problems exist.

I also think both liberals and conservatives agree that our country was founded on the right to peacefully protest, and the right to free speech. Now, the Boston Tea Party was not exactly an example I would like protesters to follow — I don’t think it is necessary to damage property in a protest. But at least if you’re going to damage property, damage the property that has at least some significance to your cause, not just random acts of vandalism. I support the right of every person to peacefully protest, even if I disagree with their message, because if I want that right I have to grant it to others. However, I do not support the “right” for people to harm others or randomly damage property as “free speech”.

So here is a compilation of videos, some from the Democratic National Convention, others from the Republican National Convention, as well as photographs and articles, showing protesters behaving badly. Please be aware that some of the language in these videos is not suitable for children.As I’ve said in previous posts, I trained as a Legal Observer with the National Lawyer’s Guild. I firmly support freedom of speech, but objective video and audio of protests protects both good police officers and good protesters. Unfortunately, not all of either group are good.

So here is a compilation of videos showing protesters behaving badly. Please be aware that some of the language in these videos is not suitable for children.

Knocking signs over, dragging newspaper stands into the street

Reporter mentions water bottles being thrown, close to the Xcel center

Picking up wooden barricades to use them to block traffic

Narrator mentions seeing/hearing glass bottles thrown

Major vandalism, broken windows, newsstands and trashcans put in the street, a person’s expalnation of why they are doing it

A St. Paul resident cleaning up after the vandals and interviewed about the situation

Finally, one of the most egregious examples I’ve seen this year:

Police officer attacked!

I’m sure I will add more to this list as the convention continues, unfortunately.