Missouri Results

All in all, a very mixed bag for Missouri Republicans and conservatives. It looks like Missouri voted for John McCain and Sarah Palin by about 6,000 votes with all precints reporting. If this holds, I believe this will be the first time since 1956 that Missouri did not vote for the presidential winner, and only the 2nd time since 1900.

As an aside on the presidential race in Missouri, I was told that on Monday, the Victory ’08 offices across the state was able to reach 6% of voters in one days time with phone calls. I think we had a real good ground game for McCain/Palin in Missouri, and days like Monday made the difference.

The Congressional delegation remains 5-4 in favor of the GOP. Blaine Luetkemeyer beat Judy Baker in the 9th (Kenny Hulshof’s seat) to retain it for the GOP. I think the DCCC and the Dems outspent Blaine and the GOP by over $1 million dollars, so that was money not well spent on their part, which is fine with me.

Quick Blaine background for RS: Former state representative, former state tourism director, business and insurance background, but also owns a farm and has agricutltural roots. He is a good fit for the 9th. Also, he helped the Republicans go from minority to majority status in 2002 in the MO House, and I think he will be able to help the national GOP do the same to some extent in Congress.

There was no Senate race this time around, but Sen. Kit Bond is up for re-election in 2010.

As for statewide races, I am extremely disappointed with State Sen. Mike Gibbons losing. He would have been a much needed changed in the Attorney General’s office. The winner, Chris Koster, I think, is going to try to be another Elliot Spitzer, so watch out for him.

Cong. Kenny Hulshof lost his race for governor, losing to current AG Jay Nixon. I knew Kenny was going to lose, but did not anticipate the margin. Kenny is a good guy, being my Congressman and meeting him on several occassions. I don’t know if Kenny will run for another office or not. I think he wants to spend time with his wife and two young daughters at this point.

MO Republicans also lost the State Treasurer’s spot.

Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder won re-election. He is the only statewide Republican officeholder. I assume he is now the head of the Missouri GOP.

Not all is gloomy in Mighty MO, though, as the Republicans actually increased their majority in the state senate. Kurt Schaefer beat Chuck “Stand Up Chuck” Graham in what is essentially a big upset. Graham had a DWI in 2007, along with some other issues, but the area generally votes for the Dem because the Dem has a “D” behind their name.

As for the state house, the MO GOP is in the majority by about 10 votes, I think. It may be a little smaller once all final results are in, along with challenges, etc., but it will stay in GOP hands.

So, overall, Dems control the state offices; Republicans control the State House. We will either have gridlock the next two years, or actual progress towards fixing some issues, like health care, education funding, etc that involve conservative solutions. The Dems can’t pass anything, and the Repubs can’t sign anything into law, so either compromise or gridlock will rule the day for the next two years.

I don’t know if MO loses its “bellweather” status or not after this election. I would wait until 2012 to determine that, though.