Sarah Palin mesmerizes....

I found this link from a comment on HotAir.com


An Isreali man who was living in Los Angeles, California. He is 52 and a former fighter pilot in Isreal. He went to alaska for the first time in 1983.

“I made it a point to come back to Alaska every three years or so, since. It’s a very hard country. The real final frontier. They have seven men for every woman, so I thought about making a film about women in Alaska. I did some research, and then I thought – ‘well, why focus only on Alaska? Why not focus on women worldwide and make a film about women empowerment?'”

I think he caught a little bit of “Palinmania” before most of us here on Redstate did. It is an exellent article and I highly recommend reading it all. I think that alot of people in america are going to like Sarah Palin once we get to know her more.