Why do Republicans have to hide in hollywood?

This is a great read abut what conservatives in hollywood are going through. I think it is amazing that they have to creep around and have secret meeting for fear of their jobs or reputations. There are several memorable quotes in the article and I reccoment reading it all. (H/T HotAir)

This stood out at me as one of the best:

Eventually, the conversation turns from policy to punditry. Grammer, who is friends with Ann Coulter, says he quoted her once to some of the young people who work for him.

“‘Ann Coulter,'” he says, recalling their horror and assuming their voice. “‘She’s the antichrist.’ And I said: ‘What the f– do you know about the antichrist? You don’t even believe in Christ.'”

What has our country come to when it’s ok to say “Bush lied, people died” but if you say abortion is Murder you are a Facist?

It is ok to call our Military men and women murderers and baby-killers but if you say Gays shouldn’t get married you are a bigot?

If you think people should be responsible for their own private financial dealings you are a cold-hearted capitalist.

Our enemies overseas have the same consitutional rights as our servicemen fighting them according to our SCOTUS.

A sitting US politician can declare defeat in Iraq, or call our marines cold-blooded killers, or say on Record that he would vote against the stratedgy that won the war (even knowing after the fact that it WORKED), and our Media does nothing.

San Fransisco and several other major US cities is violating Federal immigration law by providing taxpayer-funded sanctuary to illegal aliens and the Mayor is not kicked from office by the full-throated bellow of taxpayers and voters.

The price of gas is $4 a gallon and Democrats are doing every procedural ploy in their arsenal to prevent a simple vote by the people’s representatives to be made concerning drilling for more oil, yet most predictions point to Democrats gaining even greater power in November.

The current leading candidate for president has less (executive, military, and political) experience than just about any potential VICE president that he could seriously consider as a running mate.

I am sure there is much more that could be listed, but this is just what bubbled to the top of my head while reading the linked article above. I am not complaining, I know we the people get what we vote for. I am just wondering if I am truly in a minority when I think the world has gone mad lately.

Feel free to list more or tell me if I am crazy and taking all these things waaaayy too seriously.