Time to start talking about a Flat Tax

If we think two seconds about it, we can all figure out where Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS intimidation and the AP wiretapping are going. Government is corrupting. Our founding fathers knew this. Conservatives know this. The vast majority of Americans know this. In fact, even the Left knows this and has created Critical Legal Theory to explain how human nature manifests itself into objectively similar group structures to dominate the letter and enforcement of the law.

Our Founding Fathers created a government to guard against human nature. They knew that as individuals we are all sinners. They also knew that “factions” of individuals would form to express those sins in policy. They divided government into three branches. They further divided the most powerful branch into a House and a Senate having a separate foundation for each, popular and Federal respectively. They were so concerned they went even further, deciding to have a rolling set of elections every two, four and six years to reduce the commonality between them as much as practical.

They theorized that with each branch separately formed and over separate times they would check the excesses of the other such that only the common good thought of the American people would result.

The most obvious failure of this theory has been the tax code. Everyone agrees it is unjust. We disagree how and why but we all agree it’s there’s at least something wrong with it.

The Left has an answer to this, make the Tax Code more detailed and give the executive branch the power to enforce it unequally just as Critical Legal Theory says they should. That is to say, there is no right or wrong only us and them and whatever we do is okay because they did it to us when they were in power. Their end always justifies their means.

The Right also has an answer to this. It is called the Flat Tax. Treat everyone the same. Treat them fairly and justly. If you earn a dollar on Wall Street, you pay the government a percentage. If you earn a dollar selling hot dogs, you pay the same percentage. A dollar earned is a dollar earned. It taxes the earning and not the person. There is no malevolence. It’s simple. So simple that everyone understands the calculation and can quickly figure out if it’s been honestly applied. There’s no need for administrators making six figures to make expert decisions to ensure the letter and spirit of the law have been followed. Even a hot dog vendor can figure it out.

Conservatives can take the current scandals and use them positively by talking about the Flat Tax. There’s no need to go after any specific personality. It’s not even a question of competence. This is what makes the IRS scandal different. Benghazi, Fast and Furious and the AP wiretapping are all questions of mendacity and competence. The IRS scandal is about human nature and our desire to use the Tax Code to achieve an end result.

So given this, Conservatives should educate themselves on the Flat Tax. Its time has come.  Wikipedia has a page with references. Freedom works has a calculator for their flavor of the Flat Tax.  The Heritage Foundation has several articles on it.  If you don’t think the idea rings somewhere in the human soul, remember how far Herman Cain, i.e. “9-9-9” a flat tax on consumption, or Steve Forbes got with the idea.  What’s different now is that is the immediacy of the issue.

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