The Rich Will Always Be With You

Listening to our president lately it seems as if he is a different reality. How can he say “The private sector is doing fine” or “We tried our plan and it worked!” or the completely bizarre “You didn’t build that”? By any objective measure these things just simply are not true.

It would be easy to say the guy is just losing it. In a satisfied and gloating manner we could say that reality is seeping its way into his head, he’s starting to wonder if he’s been a fool and that he’s somewhere between denial and anger over the loss of his liberalism. However Obama is not the only person saying these things nor is he the first. The guy isn’t losing it. He really believes this stuff. In fact, he attributes the failures of his presidency to the idea that he didn’t explain his policy or inspire us.  That’s what he’s doing now. Explaining to people who didn’t figure it out for themselves in a way that they can understand.

So what is Barrack Obama trying to explain? What is the intellectual basis for someone who thinks the private sector is doing fine, his plan is worked and that we didn’t build this country, government did? For that we have to go to the core of leftist thought, anti-value judgement.  That is, there is no right or wrong. There is no good or evil. We weren’t just born equal, we remain equal. Inequality in the result of how we live our lives doesn’t show good or bad character but the fact that our society is unjust and improperly formed.

In that view, rich people are the symptom of an incorrectly administered society. They are not the cause of economic growth but the result. Growth is the expected norm. The economists have all gathered around and decided that it will be 2.5% a year (CBO, Real Potential GDP).  As the real potential GDP does not change with income distribution, income distribution can be used as a measure of the correctness of our economy. In fact a failure of the economy to grow is best explained by the rich perpetuating our unjust society.  If there were more government removing the barriers of injustice, we would come back to the normal growth rate.  So Barrack Obama has always believed that government is the cause of growth, government is ultimately responsible for our economy and that when liberal ideas prevail contradictions in our society are removed and things improve.  He isn’t having a hard time reconciling his beliefs with reality just simply trying to explain to us what we should believe about reality.

Yes, liberals accept that the rich will always be with us despite their best efforts just as Jesus told Christians that the poor will always be with us despite their best efforts. That doesn’t mean Liberals won’t keep on trying to get rid of everything that allows different outcomes.