Gun owners cannot act like children

Carrying a gun is a big decision.  A gun is a tool that when needed is the best tool to have.  It is a powerful tool.  A person who carries such a powerful tool has at least a moral responsibility to act in a proper manner.  They should not go looking for a fight.  They should not talk in a way that causes people to lose their tempers.  They should not intimidate people.  They should act in a good manner always considering how their words and actions affect the people around them.

If a gun becomes a tool for self-indulgence then it is a bad tool.  If a gun makes a person feel free to do as they want, say what they want and take the peace from others then the right to carry will be seen as an immoral right.

Conservatives should not argue for guns being used to replace one group of bullies with another group.  Guns are needed for a good and proper free society where we add to the lives of people around us and do not have to worry about someone taking that away just because they want to.

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