Dangerous Right-Wing Extremists: That means YOU mister!

Ahhh, yes. The old shift-the-attention-of-law-enforcement-towards-people-you-don’t -agree-with trick. Yup, we should’ve seen this coming folks. We stand up and protest the actions of the governent and instead of focusing on our grievances and taking action to address said grievances they tell the cops that we’re “dangerous right-wing extremists”. You may be thinking to yourselves “Yes yes, we’ve heard this one already. The whole Missouri State memo gaffe”. No. This one is new. Janet Napolitano and the Department of Homeland Security have released a report on how dangerous right-wing extremist groups are going to recruit returning vets, disenfranchised homophobic anti-abortion christians, people who read end-times prophesies, anti-tax, anti-government, pro states-rights people, and lesbian surf nazi ninja baby killer dope dealers into thier militias to overthrow the government.

Ok, that last one was a joke and i apologise to all you lesbian surf nazi ninja baby killing dope dealers for suggesting that you would stoop to militia involvement. My bad.

But I’m curious; the list makes it clear that almost anyone concearned about anything the government does is a potential threat to the federal government. I have to ask- If you (the feds) are so concearned about people with a beef against the federal government, then why are you ignoring our calls for restrained spending, smaller government, a simplified tax code, a strong military and less morally ambiguous dealings?

Ok, I just realized I have two questions, and the second one is- Are you really just now figuring out that angry prople are a threat to their governments? Do I really need to cite Moussolini, or what the Bolsheviks did to the Romanovs, or (for a historical depth reference) what the Byzantines did to Andronicus Comnenus? Or how about a more obvious and recent reference that you might have heard of- the American Revolution?

Whaaaat? Do you mean to say that that the people you govern might get so angry with your corruption and despotism that they would DARE pull you down and replace you? HA! Now I KNOW you’re crazy!

Take the hint Janet. We wouldn’t be so mad about “percieved” inaction on illegal immigration, or rising taxes that are funding government irresponsibility, or congressional corruption, or your approach to social engineering through manipulation and fear-mongering if you would just pull your heads out of that warm, dark, slightly smelly place and FRIKKIN’ DO SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE FOR ONCE! You could start by arresting Chris Dodd and the gang for taking bribes and kickbacks from companies to cover their book-cooking ways or…or….or………ok, I gotta stop. I’m gonna go find a bottle of Glenfiddich and relax for a bit before I go and make some protest signs for tomorrow. You haven’t heard the last of this guys….