Obama is fighting for us....yay.

So, yesterday the Obammessiah gave a press confrence to talk about GM and Chrysler and how the government did not want to run either company. He also made a comment about how canning Rick Wagoner was not a critique of Wagoner, but a chance for GM to find a new vision and a new direction. So in essence, “We are not bashing your vision or direction Rick, but your vision and direction suck.” MMkay. Love it. Classic misdirection and doublespeak. Moving on; Shortly after dissing but not dissing Rick Wagoners’ expertise, the president went on to say to us peasents that he could not guarentee that our jobs are safe, or that the worst is over, but he is fighting for us. In fact, he wants to fight for us so much that he wakes up every day thinking about how he can make the plight of the american working class better. Somebody get me a celebratory noisemaker! Have a party people! The commander in chief is fighting for us against those evil guys that employ us!

Right, so here is my noodle melter for the day: What makes this arrogant politician think we need him to fight for us? Correct me if I am wrong, but when workers in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s were looking for fair wages and better conditions, they formed unions. Not the government, the government was busy sending the national guard down to help the companies supress worker riots. No, the workers fought for themselves and won.I understand that those same unions are now causing the problems of american workers, but they served a purpose at one time.

Furthermore, given a free market and opportunity, the american working class has done more to advance America and her industry than any government agency or politician. Look at Andrew Carnegie, the man who pioneered the American steel industry. He was born a son of a Scottish weaver and ended up one of the mightiest captains of industry the world has ever seen. Not because of a government program or a federal grant or loan but because of hard work and tenacity. Look at Cornelius Vanderbilt, the Commodore, the man who built a fortune out of shipping. The man dropped out of school at age 11 and went on to become one of the biggest industrial emperors of the 19th century because he was smart and hard working. I could go on because these are not isolated incidents.

What I am getting at here is that the American worker has the enviable ability to rise above his or her station through hard work and smarts. Never in the 200+ years of American existence have the workers needed anyone to fight for them. See, the American dream is this: no matter who you are, where you came from, what color you are, what religion you hold, you can be successful through elbow grease and persistence. You don’t need the government to step in and make sure you have that opportunity because if the government stays out of the way, then anyone can do it. From the start there were no guarantees. Once you came to America you were on your own; there were no unions, no healthcare plans, no minimum wage laws, and no regulations. It was open season. This can be a frightening position to be in, but it created a never before seen attitude towards personal success. People realized that if they wanted to go anywhere, then they had to do it on their own steam. This realization combined with determination and confidence created this country.

We live in the land of opportunity, where the free and the brave give birth to children who have dreams and the ability to see those dreams come true. The government has never been the protector of that; we are. The government does not create jobs; we do. The government has never been an innovator; we are. The government has never produced anything; we do. In fact, all of the things the government likes to take credit for have been created by free americans.

So again I ask you this; Since when are the American people so weak and defenseless that we can’t fight for ourselves? Since when did we need guarantees? When did we decide that we can’t decide for ourselves and that we need the feds to hold our hands? The answer is NEVER. We never decided that we couldn’t help ourselves. There has never been a problem so insurmountable that the American people couldn’t overcome it through hard work and determination. What we are seeing here ladies and gentlemen is the usurpation of free will by a man who believes we are babies, incapable of being the masters of our fate. Do not be fooled by a power hungry dictator-in-waiting. We do not need his help, nor do we want his help. We can fix these problems on our own just like we always have.