Blood is shooting out of my eyes.

I’m so frustrated with the way that our government is spending money and writing new laws to take away our freedom. What happened to checks and balances? Where is the supreme court? Why are the supremes not stepping in and reigning in congress like they are supposed to? How is it that the Fed can print up a trillion (with a T!) dollars and not get slapped with a counterfeiting charge? Why is Tim Geithner opening his mouth so much when he knows that everytime he flaps his gums, the value of the dollar drops like a rock? Why is Barack still getting softball questions from the media when he has essentially undone 20 years worth of market growth in less than three months? Why have we not protested the deployment of a military battalion inside the United States, and again, why have the supremes not stepped in to stop it (seeing as how it’s un-constitutional)? Why is the border fence not built yet? Why have we not sent Barney Frank to a speach therapist? Why was Chris Dodd not crucified for his roll in allowing the AIG bonuses? For that matter, why was Geithner not nailed (pun intended) for HIS part in the bonus bull? Why are we not howling in outrage at the power given to the fed to take over ANY business that is deemed harmful to the economy should it fail? And why have we allowed the new eminent domain laws enacted by the supreme court and congress to stand? Why is it that when you put all of these puzzle pieces together and see that there has been a steady usurpation of liberty over the last 20 years designed solely to enslave the American people in the worst kind of tyrannical despotism by slow “legal” means, we do nothing but blog and complain? Why are we not pursuing the cause of liberty? Why are we allowing these few men of tyrannical temperment to get away with the destruction of all that our families have worked for, fought for, and died for?

The blood of the American people has been spilled on every inhabitable continent for the purpose of maintaining the shining light of liberty and bringing that light to the dark corners of the world. By inaction we allow that sacrifice to become worthless. By willing ignorance we trade the freedom that our fathers and grandfathers died to protect for the so called security and protection being offered by these power mad “leaders”. By apathy, we allow the liberty we have protected and brought to the opressed, the hungry, the poor and the weak to evaporate and disappear like mist in the hot sun. We must fight this insidious attack on our values, our way of life, our culture, our homes. We must fight or we will become like the helpless and downtrodden people that have been oppressed by these socialist governments for the last century. We must rise and shout our commitment to individual freedom, liberty and free will to those that would take them away. We are Americans. We do not bow to anyone but God, we do not recognize the authority of earthly kings and dictators. We do not allow injustice to go unpunished and WE DO NOT WANT OUR LIVES RUN BY A LARGE GOVERNMENT COMMITTED TO OUR ENSLAVEMENT! DO YOU HEAR ME BARACK OBAMA, NANCY PELOSI, HILLARY CLINTON, BARNEY FRANK, CHRIS DODD, HARRY REID ETC. ETC.? WE WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO DO THIS! I WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO DO THIS! I HOPE YOU ARE READY FOR A FIGHT!