A Word About McCabe

The IG report on Andrew McCabe is interesting for what it does–and does not–say. First, it didn’t say a word about any conflict of interests relating to McCabe’s conduct in the FBI while his wife was running for public office as a McAuliffe-supported Democrat. To me, that was a graver sin than his less-than-forthcoming answers with the IG about leaks. But not a word from the IG about it, so I guess I stand corrected. If folks are to believe that IG Horowitz is credible in his work, then we should also believe that there was no wrongdoing as it relates to McCabe’s conflicts of interest. The inquiry on McCabe was already peeled off from the larger investigation and fast-tracked, so I don’t see why they would hold that back. By their silence, the IG cleared McCabe on that matter, and it wasn’t as if they were unaware of the conflict of interest.

Second, the IG report clearly states that McCabe “lacked candor” in interviews about the now-famous leak to the Wall Street Journal. It also suggests McCabe’s motivation, the WSJ article just one week earlier which revealed that his wife received hundreds of thousands in PAC money from a Clinton loyalist while the FBI was investigating Hillary’s email and foundation problems. Having read through the report, the IG has him dead to rights. And not only that…


Third, McCabe and his lawyer assert that IG report was politicized. Having read it, I don’t see it. The only politicization that I can see is the timing, which was irregular, the conclusions of which were conveniently released days before McCabe’s official retirement. That one is probably on Sessions, who probably caved to his boss. The IG is going to release the rest of the multi-faceted report on the Clinton email investigation later this spring.

Fourth, thanks to the IG report and despite Trump’s tweet on the subject, Comey was truthful in his testimony to Senator Grassley.

Fifth, McCabe should pray that his attorney knows what he is doing.