The Next Potential Post-Ryan Shoe to Drop

The First Congressional District in Wisconsin, Paul Ryan’s district, is one of those pivot counties. In 2008, voters went with Obama, then switched Romney in 2012 and stayed Republican in 2016. In 2018, the Wisconsin First could pivot back to the Democrat column, especially if or when the execrably anti-Semitic Paul Nehlen makes a stink in the primary. Right now, he’s one of only two declared GOP candidates.

The announced GOP candidates to date include Nehlen and Nick Polce, an Army veteran from Lake Geneva.

The deadline for candidates to file is June 1.

Nehlen lost to Ryan by 68 percentage points in the GOP primary in 2016, despite winning kind words from Trump and endorsements from conservative commentator Ann Coulter and ex-Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. This time, Nehlen is drawing attention primarily for his outrageous remarks.

In February, Nehlen was booted from Twitter after he tweeted an image that replaced the image of Meghan Markle, the biracial fiancée of Prince Harry, with a dark-skinned prehistoric Briton known as “Cheddar Man.”

That was a month after he drew heavy criticism for posting phone numbers, email addresses and names of his critics, claiming most of them were Jewish.

At the end of 2017, Nehlen had the money advantage over Polce, $162,000 to $950, but if money really made that much difference, Jeb! would have been the 2016 nominee. I doubt that Nehlen, a self-declared “pro-White Christian American candidate”, will get nominated as I trust that most Wisconsinites are not insane, but the media is going to have a field day with this guy and not to the benefit of the GOP. The good news is that there is still time for more Republican entrants, but even if a non-whackjob gets nominated, the odds may favor the Democrats in this pivot county if a serious anti-Trump wave occurs. Sigh.