The Ace Ventura President Flapped His Buttocks on Immigration

In another blog, I said that Trump is the Ace Ventura President for his general clownishness and tendency to talk out of his backside, sort of like Ace.

And like our friend Ace, Trump has been talking a lot out of his ass, specifically with his recent tweets. He did so when slamming Amazon with one falsehood after another, and he also did so with his series of factually insufficient tweets about immigration. With his tweets, this president has been prolifically peddling in Fake News. Which is ironic, for all his complaints about fake news. This is a problem on multiple levels but, elementally, this president is basing his judgments and decisions on complete bulls**t. Is this really a way for the Leader of the Free World to address serious matters of policy?  What will it take for Trumpalistas to call him on this?