With His Self-Created Staffing Mess, Pray That Trump Doesn't Face A Real Crisis

Aside from Nikki Haley, John Kelly and several at the Pentagon, Trump’s staffing choices have not been stellar. Worse, his own mercurial, glandular behavior has resulted in the highest turnover in modern history, by a lot.

The Trump Administration has seen the highest rate of turnover among White House staff in decades.

During the president’s first year, the administration saw a 34% turnover rate. This is the highest of any recent White House, according to a Brookings Institution report that tracked departures of senior officials over the last 40 years.

The next-highest turnover rate for an administration’s first year was Ronald Reagan’s, with 17% of senior aides leaving their posts in 1981.

The Communications Director job has been hardest hit. The latest expected to leave is NSA McMaster, which would be unfortunate. Prior to that was Hope Hicks, who became integral to Trump during–and maybe even prior–to his campaign, but she outlasted her stay, and before that was her boyfriend, Wifebeater Portman. The list goes on, and it is not likely to abate because it is unlikely that, going forward, Trump will not be erratic and not have emotional outbursts. Also, if 30 Trump aides have lost their security clearances, they can’t do their jobs, which means they won’t have jobs for long in a Trump administration and will have to be replaced. This should include Kushner as well.

There are a lot of staff trying to get outThis NYT article isn’t the only piece on the chaotic situation in the White House, it’s only the latest, and it does not augur well for future staffing choices. Why? Because good, talented people who are not interested in loyalty pledges and would rather not stroke their boss’s ego will not apply. The result will be second- and third-tier head-nodders, which won’t really help Trump or this country. As I see it, Trump was lucky to get a tax bill passed, but I doubt anything of import will get done legislatively because he’s already pissed off too many elected representatives on Capitol Hill, and he doesn’t have the people on his team to help usher legislation through. So far, he’s done some good with judges and with some executive orders, but with substandard staff and a barely functional president, I’m expecting more Clown Show to come. We should pray that there won’t be a financial meltdown like in 2008 or something akin to 9/11/2001, because I’m not convinced this president can handle it.