To CNN's Erin Burnett, This Is An Apple

So there I was at the local YMCA yesterday, sweating on the elliptical to a broadcast of Out Front by Erin Burnett, when I saw this:

BURNETT: Lead. Get something done. Make a deal. Well, those are the very things of course the President thus far has failed to do. Chuck Schumer says he left a crucial White House meeting yesterday just hours before the shutdown. He thought that he and the President had made great progress and then, of course, he found out things have changed.
SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER (D), MINORITY LEADER: Negotiating with President Trump is like negotiating with yellow Jell-O. That’s why this compromise will be called a Trump shutdown.

With most things in politics, I tend to rely on Occam’s Razor, i.e., out of multiple explanations for an occurrence, the simpler one is usually better. In the case of the current shutdown, the simpler explanation is that the Democrats filibustered a bill that would fund the US government, obstructing majority approval by the Senate, all because they couldn’t get their add-on DACA amendment.

As I see it, what’s really going on here–in addition to a political battle between Trump and Congressional Democrats–is a Battle of the Narratives (that, and Democrats wanted the US government closed for business on the anniversary of Trump’s inauguration). Trump is calling the Democrat Minority Leader “Shutdown Schumer” while Schumer is comparing Trump’s negotiating skills to a bowl of Jell-O, or something like that.

Anyways, it wasn’t just the elliptical that got my heart rate up to 140 beats per minute because Ms. Burnett took a side, basically communicating that, even though the Senate Democrats successfully obstructed a government funding bill, it was really Trump who was responsible for shutting down the government. She may call it an apple, but that ain’t what it was.

P.S. Trump was wrong in 2013 when he blamed Obama for the shutdown, which mainstream media are now conveniently using to throw back at him. As they say, what goes around comes around.