A Little, Uh, Candor From The UKIP Leader's Girlfriend

I first saw Meghan Markle on Suits, and couldn’t help but notice that she is a beautiful woman. A complete knockout. I couldn’t really tell what race she was until her father’s character came onto the show, then curiosity got the better and I googled her (half-black, half-white). In addition, I also saw her in a couple of Hallmark* movies, and she did well in both. Besides that, I know little else about her, but she seems nice. Maybe I’m a little biased in her favor, but I can see how Prince Harry might have got himself smitten.

Anyways, one of the members of the UKIP political party let her racist slip show.

The girlfriend of the leader of the radical pro-Brexit British political party UKIP made a series of racist remarks about Meghan Markle, sending texts to a friend in which she said Prince Harry’s “black American” fiancée will “taint” the Royal Family with “her seed” and pave the way for a “black king.” Harry and Meghan are due to marry on May 19.

Who is this “girlfriend”?

The texts were sent by Jo Marney, the 25-year-old girlfriend of Henry Bolton, the current leader of the party, for whom Mr. Bolton recently left his wife.

Just great. The party leader is an adulterer and his trophy girlfriend hates black people. UKIP subsequently “suspended” this full-blown racist from the party. I wonder what it would take to get her completely kicked out. Lynching? Stabbing a brown-skinned person? Seriously, what exactly is the bar for complete removal from this pro-Brexit, anti-EU party? But wait, there’s more.

In Marney’s messages, which she allegedly sent to a male friend just three weeks before starting her relationship with Mr. Bolton late last year, she describes Markle, whose mother is black and whose father is white, as “a scrubber” and a “gender equality twat” who is “obsessed with race” and a “dumb little commoner.”

In the text messages Marney writes, “Next will be a Muslim PM. And a black king.”

Britain really does have a problem with Islamophobia-phobia, which may partially explain the rise of UKIP (no other party would really touch the issue), but that message is sullied when one of its chief messengers canoodles with a flat-out racist bigot.

* Yes, I admit it. Hallmark movies is a guilty pleasure. I actually DVR them.