DDID Journalist Suspended For Getting Caught As A Partisan Hack

Apparently, the DDID* has some standards. A couple of months ago, I wrote about journalist Janell Ross and her participation as a panelist at a Soros-sponsored event, unbeknownst to her employer. Well, it looks like that was just too much for the DDID to stomach.

Janell Ross, a reporter on the Post’s national desk, was sidelined after she participated in a private gathering in November attended by Democratic lawmakers and liberal activists, including the billionaire benefactor George Soros.

Two people familiar with the matter have told CNN that Ross was put on leave, and that her return to the Post is viewed as unlikely. It’s not clear when exactly Ross’ leave took effect.

What this really means is that Ms. Ross was too stupid to hide her partisan tracks, but you take small victories where you can get them

* No, I won’t call it the Washington Post as long as they keep their ridiculous Democracy Dies in Darkness subhead.