Romney is Right

Lord knows that Mitt Romney is not a very good politician. My first inkling was back in 2007 when he was trying to bolster his gun-owning bona fides but instead gaffed that he was a Big Varmint Hunter. He made a whole raft of mistakes in the 2012 campaign, one of them was not calling Harry Reid a liar, among many other things. But he’s a good man with a good record of being a more-than-competent executive. It’s obvious to me that he would’ve been a tremendously better president than Obama was in his second term. So when Romney put out this tweet, I couldn’t help but agree.

Let’s look at where the Democrats are at. After considerable political pressure, one creep announced his immediate resignation yesterday, another creep will announce his resignation tomorrow, and they’re working on the third creep. And what is the RNC doing? Spending money to add a creep to the US Senate. The GOP is actively ceding moral high ground to the Democrats for the cynical sake of a win.

Rumors that the Republican National Committee was built on the site of an ancient moron burial ground gained new credence this week when it confirmed that it was renewing its support for Alabama’s Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore.

I shouldn’t joke, because the worst thing about the RNC’s decision isn’t the stupidity — though the stupidity is real, and spectacular — but the moral obscenity.

In this instance–and I hate to say this–the Democrats are acting more honorably than this Trump-led Republican Party. Either Moore lied on Hannity when he said that he knew a couple of the girls, or he lied when he said he didn’t know any of the girls. I think the latter is the lie.

When Moore’s initial denials to Fox News’ Sean Hannity seemed more like lawyerly confirmations — dating teenagers wasn’t his “customary behavior” he explained — a slew of top Republicans said they believed the women and called for Moore to drop out of the race.

There have been no new developments in the Moore story, at least none particularly helpful to Moore’s — now more full-throated — denials. Initially, he admitted to knowing two of the women, saying each one was a “good girl.” Now he says he never met any of them and they’re all liars.

The DDID came out with a follow-up report on Debbie Wesson Gibson, who recently unearthed some materials in her attic.

Debbie Wesson Gibson was in her attic hauling out boxes of Christmas decorations last week when she noticed a storage bin she said she had forgotten about. Inside was a scrapbook from her senior year of high school, and taped to a page titled “Those Who Inspire” was a graduation card.

“Happy graduation Debbie,” it read in slanted cursive handwriting. “I wanted to give you this card myself. I know that you’ll be a success in anything you do. Roy.”

The inscription, Gibson said, was written by Roy Moore, the Alabama Republican nominee for U.S. Senate who in recent days has repeatedly denied the accounts of five women who told The Washington Post that he pursued them when they were teenagers and he was an assistant district attorney in his 30s. Since those allegations were published last month, four more women have come forward to allege that Moore made unwanted sexual advances.

There was no Gloria Allred acting as a go-between, no teary press conference, and there is additional evidence that Roy Moore penned handwritten notes to teenage girls. This was a straight interview, from a reporter who got it right earlier. Why did Ms. Gibson come forward after finding the card? Because Moore called her a liar, at least twice.

At a Nov. 27 campaign event in the north Alabama town of Henagar, Moore said: “The allegations are completely false. They are malicious. Specifically, I do not know any of these women.”

At a Nov. 29 rally at a church in the south Alabama town of Theodore, Moore said, “Let me state once again: I do not know any of these women, did not date any of these women and have not engaged in any sexual misconduct with anyone.”

Gibson said that after finding the scrapbook, she was not sure whether to make it public given the threats she received after publication of the original story. Then she heard what Moore said last week, she said, and contacted The Post.

“He called me a liar,” said Gibson, who says she not only openly dated Moore when she was 17 but later joined him in passing out fliers during his campaign for circuit court judge in 1982 and exchanged Christmas cards with him over the years. “Roy Moore made an egregious mistake to attack that one thing — my integrity.”

And while Moore was lecturing us that “immorality has sunken to a new low”, he won’t answer questions about his dating a still-married young woman. Douchebag, thy name is Roy Moore. Him sitting as a US Senator will be one more reason why I cannot return to this party.

P.S. If I were an Alabamian, I would write in a third-party candidate in protest of the smegma that the Alabama GOP nominated, and I would not vote for a Democrat like Doug Jones.


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