The Myopic Ms. Filipovic

Ms. Filipovic’s NYT piece reminded me of the old phrase “if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” In her case, if all you do is look through a liberal feminist lens, then Hillary was robbed. Her main theme is that all the prominent men in mainstream media who sexually harassed women cost Hillary the election. To me, this part stood out.

A pervasive theme of all of these men’s coverage of Mrs. Clinton was that she was dishonest and unlikable. These recent harassment allegations suggest that perhaps the problem wasn’t that Mrs. Clinton was untruthful or inherently hard to connect with, but that these particular men hold deep biases against women who seek power instead of sticking to acquiescent sex-object status.

If I were to pick the fifty most influential men in mainstream media, how many have actually been guilty of sexual misconduct in the workplace? Ten percent? Twenty percent, tops? This would have to mean that what’s left is a super-majority of men, many if not most of whom also found Hillary dishonest and likable. In fact, Hillary is objectively dishonest and unlikable, married to an objectively dishonest ex-president, and Hillary actively enabled this guy’s dishonesty while he was in office. It didn’t take small cadre of piggish men to convince us of that. It was there for anyone to see.

The other part Ms. Filipovic ignores is that all the men she named were either Democrats or leaned Democrat, publicly espousing feminist values but abusing the women who worked under them, and let’s not forget the fella Hillary is married to. The real story is that they are hypocrites who probably voted for Hillary, and this ignores the pervasive mainstream media bias against Trump and for Hillary by the scads of Democratic or Democratic-leaning journalists who treated their female co-workers with respect. Journalistically, the only thing they were guilty of–both the abusing and non-abusing men–was doing their jobs.

The bottom line remains that the Democratic Party nominated a candidate so pathetic that even a shallow, bombastic clown was able to beat her, and the sad part is that Hillary and many of her supporters still haven’t figured that out.

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