Busby for US Senator from Alabama

The Daily Beast:

When retired Marine Col. Lee Busby read it was too late for a write-in candidate for the Alabama senate race, he said, “Hold my beer, we will just see about that.”

Busby told The Daily Beast on Monday he is launching his long-shot bid to stop Republican nominee Roy Moore from reaching the Senate.

“I have no idea if the allegations against him true or not, but I don’t see anything within his experience as a judge that qualifies him for the job.”

Busby said his state needs a choice other than Moore or Democrat Doug Jones.

If ever there’s a race that needs a third choice, this is it. Consider Colonel  Busby’s credentials:

  • 31-year Marine Corps veteran
  • Served as vice chief of staff for General John Kelly
  • CEO of his own business
  • Defense consultant
  • Investment banker
  • Has just as much legislative experience as Roy Moore
  • Understands the US Constitution better than Roy Moore
  • Creates sculptures of fallen Marines
  • No known record of sexual improprieties

And most importantly,

  • Is not Doug Jones
  • Is not Roy Moore

Finally, a candidate that Alabamians can get behind. Hoo-rah!

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