Militant Islamists Attack Sufi Mosque: Death Toll at Over 230

Usually when militant Islamists attack religious worshippers in Egypt, the targets are Coptic Christians, such as what occurred last May. Today, the victims were Sufi Muslims who, in the eyes of the Islamic State, are heretics and not actual Muslims (recall the attack by the Islamic State on a Sufi mosque in Pakistan last February).

The BBC has reported that more than 230 were murdered in a Sufi mosque today in a coastal town about 25 miles southwest of Gaza. It was a coordinated attack involving a bomb and follow-up gunfire. It’s not yet confirmed that the attackers are militant Islamists, but c’mon, they’re militant Islamists.

Sufis make an easy target because, like the Copts, they’re peaceful and there aren’t that many of them, comprising probably not more than five percent of all Muslims. Anyway, the Islamic State has lost territory in Iraq and Syria, but the War Against Militant Islamism has a long ways to go, and it’s an information war just as much as a hot war.

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