Another Great Academia Moment: Rutgers Hires Assad Mouthpiece as Adjunct Professor


A former Syrian diplomat who accused Israeli officials of trafficking children’s organs is now working as a professor at state-funded Rutgers University in New Jersey, The Algemeiner has learned.

Mazen Adi, an adjunct professor in Rutgers’ Political Science Department, worked for Syria’s foreign ministry in various roles for 16 years starting in August 1998, according to his LinkedIn profile.

So basically, Mr. Adi’s previous job was to lie and apologize for the mass murder committed at the hands of his boss, Bashar al Assad. Rutgers administrators defended their hiring decision.

Rutgers University has defended its decision to employ a former spokesperson for the Syrian government, who represented the regime of President Bashar al-Assad as it was accused of massacring, starving, and torturing its own citizens.

Rutgers told The Algemeiner on Tuesday that Mazen Adi — who joined its Political Science Department as a part-time lecturer in 2015 — was hired due to “his expertise in international law and diplomacy, and other fields.”

Jon Turley:

I fail to see how 16 years of being an apologist for a genocidal regime makes one a “diplomat” or, more importantly, an expert on international law. Adi is about as expert on international law as a Harvey Weinstein is an expert on sexual harassment.