The Swamp is Draining, But Not as Intended or Predicted

When Donald Trump spoke about draining the swamp, he meant upending the DC political establishment such as RINOs, Democrats, Obama holdovers, and practically anyone else in an official capacity who did not pledge fealty to the Orange.

However, the real drainage is occurring among politicians, Hollywood types and corporate chieftans who have sexually assaulted and/or harrassed the younger and more vulnerable (and, wait, Terry Crews?). Today’s great example is Roy Moore. The reporting at the DDIN was complete and thorough; the reporters took serious allegations and investigated them seriously. Good for them.

Yesterday, we learned that Charlie Sheen is a detestable human being, and accusations against others such as Jeremy Piven and Louis C.K. are coming out.

Add them to others whose careers have cratered for piggish behavior. Seems like it started with Bill Cosby, then there was Ailes and O’Reilly and more recently Weinstein and Spacey, sprinkled with Halperin, Corn and Oreskes. Could the dam be breaking? We can hope.

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