Seattle Update

For this inaugural diary, I thought I’d give some rambling observations from a conservative Seattleite perspective (to get a snapshot on some of my viewpoints, here’s a diary of some Seattle images and my take on the city’s short-sighted $15/hour minimum wage law). The city is known for its rain, and it did rain yesterday, but instead of H2O it was ash.

There have been wildfires, heat and haze before in the Pacific Northwest.
But nobody can remember ash falling on the Seattle area like it has been this week. Even when Mount St. Helens erupted, say most people who lived here in 1980, Seattle didn’t get the sort of ash that blew to the south and east, blanketing towns like Yakima.

The reporting is accurate. The last time I saw ash on my car was 37 years ago, when Mt. St. Helens blew. Speaking of weather, one of the better sources I use is Cliff Mass, a meteorologist from the UW, and he gave his Seattleite perspective on Hurricane Harvey and global warming. His conclusion: No evidence.

There is no evidence that global warming is influencing Texas coastal precipitation in the long term and little evidence that warmer than normal temperatures had any real impact on the precipitation intensity from this storm.
Now, lets examine the second question. Is there any evidence that global warming caused the storm to slow down? Some of the media stories had all kinds of hand-waving speculations. Such as the jet stream would be weakened and become “lazy” due to global warming.
Quite honestly, none of this is supported by observations or models.
The bottom line in this analysis is that both observations of the past decades and models looking forward to the future do not suggest that one can explain the heavy rains of Harvey by global warming, and folks that are suggesting it are poorly informing the public and decision makers.
They are using hand-waving arguments to push an agenda, which observations, theory, and modeling show to be incorrect. Global warming is a serious issue and mankind must deal with it, but hype and exaggeration of the current effects is counterproductive in the long term.
By the end of the century, increasing atmospheric moisture will increase the intensity of heavy rain in many locations, including the Northwest.   Although there is no evidence of increased hurricane frequency during the past several decades, some studies suggest enhancement of the number of the strongest hurricanes by the end of the century.
One does not need global warming to explain extreme weather–sometimes the factors come together to produce an unusual event… think of it as a meteorological royal flush.

At Factcheck.org, the most that can be said was this.

Climate change did not cause Harvey, or any other storm, but it makes intense storms like Harvey more likely to occur, scientists say.

This conversation won’t go away because Irma is the most powerful hurricane in recorded history.
Just to give you a taste of the Seattle political scene, Ms. Plimpton weighs in.

Actress Martha Plimpton was cheered on by an audience after boasting she had her “best” abortion in Seattle.

Groan. It didn’t used to be like this.
In business, Seattle-based Amazon is taking a different tack in getting into the bricks-and-mortar business.

Kohl’s said Wednesday that it will open up Amazon shops in 10 of its stores, making it the latest department store operator to make a deal with the e-commerce giant.
Kohl’s shoppers will be able to buy Amazon Echos, Fire tablets and other gadgets from the 1,000-square-foot Amazon shops. Customers can also ask to have an Amazon employee come to their home and install a device or suggest products to buy.
Kohl’s Corp. said the Amazon shops will open next month in Chicago and Los Angeles stores. The Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin-based company has more than 1,100 across the country.

They’ve bought Whole Foods and they’re selling Sears appliances on the Amazon website, but this latest vaguely reminds me of a venture by Seattle-based Starbucks.

Starbucks, the nation’s largest coffee-shop chain, continued its rapid expansion Tuesday, opening its newest location in the men’s room of an existing Starbucks.

Finally, I admit I’m a homie, but what happened to Seahawk defensive lineman Michael Bennett in Vegas after the Mayweather-McGregor fight merits some additional investigation. He’s really one of the good ones. And funny. To get into the nicer Seattle restaurants, he’ll call in and say he’s Russell Wilson to get a good seat.
P.S. A word on the Buddy Jesus avatar. Granted, it came from a heretical movie that has not aged well, but it’s theologically sound.