Obama likes driving analogies, so here's one for him

Many of us have heard Obama’s oh so clever driving analogy.  It ends up with if you’re driving a car and you want to go forward you put it in D, if you want to go back you put it in R.  That’s a great story, here’s what it really is.

Think of business as a vehicle.  The vehicle wants to move forward legally and as smoothly as possible. To do so the vehicle travels on the road.  The road is comprised of the laws and regulations laid out before it. When the road is flat and straight and well known, the vehicle can travel with relative ease.  People have jobs, businesses make profits, investors make money.  Consumers buy goods.  If the business knows what is expected up ahead, the business can plan and streamline its vehicle to best travel the terrain.

Sometimes, the powers that be decide to alter the road.  Taxes are like inclines, regulations are like guardrails, and debts are potholes.  When the road is altered severely and suddenly, the vehicle must adjust its speed, steering, and tires. I think you get the point.

This Democratic administration is trashing the road.  They keep changing the conditions to do business so drastically and erratically that businesses can’t possibly plan a path of any certainty.  With potholes of debt turning into sinkholes, guardrails of Cap and Trade, Financial Overhaul, and Healthcare Reform narrowing, and increasing taxes nearing vertical climbs, aka walls, is it any wonder why unemployment is still rising, profits are spilling out, and the engine is grinding to a halt?  Add in the increased traffic of illegals and the socialists driving the wrong way and you get to a sign with a big question mark slap dab in the middle of it.  The question you can’t believe you have to ask has an answer you don’t want to see.

How long can he pretend like its not on purpose.  He can’t be that inept.  Get out of the road building business!