All hail the summer of recovery!


The Atlanta Journal and Constitution reports huge crowds lining up for housing vouchers.  1000+ people began lining up Monday.  By Wednesday morning officers in crowd control gear struggled to maintain order and block stampeding citizens.

The vouchers are for a discount on rent.  The truly shocking thing to me is that these vouchers are for the waiting list only. At the same time, the President, Vice President, and Treasury Secretary are out touting the summer of recovery.  Tell that to the crowd gathered in a mall parking lot here in Atlanta.

My bet is that this type of event foreshadows many more similar incidences to come.  I would also bet that huge crowds of desperate citizens boiling in the summer heat prying one another for a government handout is just the kind of image this administration wants to see more of.  I fear that the civil society, one in which the individual has the opportunity to better oneself through education and hard work will be replaced by the desperate schoolyard bully mentality of me first, at any cost.