Good Stewards?

I read somewhere recently that a society can tell they are under the judgment of God by the extent and influence of homosexuality in the society.  I don’t know which comes first, the homosexuality or the judgment, but it is hard to ignore that we are in questionable waters.  And I think that both have come because we have been poor – very poor –  stewards of the great form of government God gave us in our Constitution.

Our Founders knew that this form of government, this Constitution, was the most free in the history of man.  They admonished us to take care to preserve it. They warned us what would happen if we did not.  Somewhere along the line, the stewards of our nation fell down on the job.

It is easy to blame the elected ones who began to pass laws based, not on the idea that man could and should govern himself, but on the premise that they (the Elected Ones) were somehow smarter and better qualified to tell the electorate how to govern their lives.  But the truth is that we, the electorate, were the ones who were the worst of stewards.  For we elected the Elected Ones.  Over, and over, and over again.

And we liked it. We liked being “helped” when times got hard, and our own poor decisions brought us into a painful time.  We liked the promise that things would be “fair,” and the idea that we could live our lives in ease, with no one ever harming us, or restricting us, or even irritating us. After all, we said, it’s a free country!  We can do as we please. Pursuit of happiness, you know.

This attitude is not one that freedom-loving stewards should have.  It is lazy.  It is selfish. It leads to slavery. Willingly, we have walked into bondage to “government” that has grown to encompass close to 1/2 of our population.  On the Federal level, less than 700 of those are elected.  On the state and local level, it is the same.  For every elected public servant, we have hundreds, thousands, who are “hired” or “appointed.”  We jump to the tune of these bureaucrats and appointees who make laws and call them “policies.”   We follow “the government’s” rules.  We have allowed “the government” to become the Supreme Being of our lives.

A steward is one who oversees, takes care of, properly guards and uses what belongs to another.  In this country, our liberty – and the Constitution that ensures it – belongs not just to us, but to our posterity.  For nigh on to a hundred years now, the electorate and the Elected Ones have forgotten that.  We have begun to think that we are the sole owners of this liberty, and we have forgotten that we are only stewards, allowed to use the interest of the investment for our lifetimes, but responsible to see that the principle is left for the following generations.

A good steward understands his duty and responsibility.  A good steward understands that the property is not his, but someone else’s, and that he is not free to take whatever he wants.  A good steward understands that he is to follow the instructions of the one that placed him in charge of the estate, not to change it to suit his purpose, or even to benefit others, if it is not the instruction given him.

Our Founders understood this, because they understood that they were stewards themselves.  They did not create this form of government.  It was shown to them by the Creator of liberty. Their instruction was to fight for it, and then write it down so that posterity would know how to preserve it.  They were good stewards.

We are of the remnant who have read the Constitution.  We know that the people of this country have strayed far from our duty and responsibility.  We desire to get back to the original purpose, the original intent, and the original instructions.  We desire to conserve our liberty and the Constitution that protects it.  But we must be careful to search our hearts.  If our purpose not to restore liberty to our children’s children, then we might, if we win this battle (election of conservatives in November), go astray ourselves.

Thomas Jefferson said, “God who gave us life gave us liberty. Can the liberties of a nation be secure when we have removed a conviction that these liberties are the gift of God? Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that his justice cannot sleep forever.”   To restore liberty in this country, we must become good stewards.  The Owner will not tarry forever.