The mainstream conservative media

So there’s all this hype about Ms Medina in Texas.  I read the briefing, and listened to the clip, and what I heard, frankly, was arrogance on the part of Glenn Beck.

Now, I don’t know much about Ms Medina.  But I do know that Glenn Beck is a big name.  Lots of backing. Lots of power. And I have been hearing lots of arrogance in his talk lately.

The thing that I saw was a mainstream conservative media (MSCM) type blind side a candidate.

Do we think that many unknown, inexperienced, but sincere candidates for office will step forward if they think that they will be attacked by those that are supposed to be on their side?  Is Glenn Beck now the issue police for the conservatives?

The other thing that bothered me was the way so many comments seemed to want to jump on whether she is or is not a “truther,” regardless of what she said.  To say, when she clarified herself in a later statement, that it was “too late”, and that she had lost credibility was, in my opinion, the height of narrow-mindedness. If we are going to cut up our candidates this way, not giving them a chance to be fallible, human, occasionally unprepared, we will lose the war by our own guns.