Vicky Hartzler, MO-04, Hot Seat -- replace Pelosi

Many of you know that I am living in the 4th Congressional District of Missouri.  For several months I have supported my State Senator, Bill Stouffer.  I am proud to have supported such a fine man for this esteemed post because I knew he would do a great job for Missouri, representing in D.C.  However, he lost in the primary to his opponent, Vicky Hartzler, and therein begins the story of how political parties should come together for the good of the electorate.


photo credit to Vicky Hartzler for Congress

Political Campaigns are a long, hard road.  They take time to launch, refine and raise needed funds.  Many people, hoping to get a foothold in the debate, insert their brand of cynicism alleging that the system if broken, corrupt and shameful.  Instead, they are a fact of life.  We are a large pool of diverse individuals.  Getting information into the hands of the voters takes time and money.  We should be glad campaigns go through such mountain-moving effort to  inform us.  What’s sad is that we aren’t acting as sponges, vetting our candidates and voting with clear intention.  Is there corruption?  Possibly.  Getting involved in that debate will leave you pointing fingers in back and forth never-ending unison. You’d be better off getting involved in the process and holding your candidates accountable.

These long roads can lead us down paths we never thought we’d tread.  Campaigns become heated, personal when candidates, families and supporters invest their free time and resources into their wish to represent.  MORE candidates are interested in forwarding the debate, left and right, more than they are interested in power.  At least this is true of new candidates.  Storied politicians are a different story.  Here in Missouri, we had a State Senator and a former State Representative vying for political office on a national stage, a place neither was familiar, but both willing to conquer.

Rumors about both candidates might fly… fears might be stirred.  But in the end, the 4th Congressional District has a candidate that is wise, honest and committed.  I couldn’t be more pleased to race to November with Vicky Hartzler, though I didn’t support her from the beginning.

I met Vicky last Saturday in Lexington, Missouri.  In the hometown of our democratic opponent, Ike Skelton, over 30 people gathered to meet our hope for Missouri’s 4th. In the sleepy town overlooking the Missouri river, we talked about Ike’s esteemed record as an advocate for our district.  Respect has been earned here, but has eroded in recent years.  Personal friends and life-long Republicans who switched their political affiliations to vote for Ike are up in arms with his continued Eeyore-like devotion to Nancy Pelosi.  Let me promise you, this allegation is not lobbed in an attempt to smear.  It’s a verified fact.  The once, “Man-in-his-own-right” Skelton has turned into nothing but a party hack, voting the bidding of the most liberal, destructive Speaker we’ve ever seen on the hill.

A cry from Lafayette County voters was heard to unseat this man who has turned his back on the conservative values that are born on the farm, and worked to the bone by the producers of this country.  Vicky knows this better than most.  Her family farmed when she was a girl and continues still to this day.  They harnessed their love for the land, launching a small business of farm implements and now have three locations throughout the district.  Vicky knows the people, she is one of them.

She had the opportunity to convey her intentions and who she is.  The highlights in my mind are:

  • Vicky served honorably in the statehouse and won resoundingly in three elections.  This, in a district that had only once or twice harbored a Republican before her time.
  • Vicky is steeped in smaller-government, God-loving roots and intends to bring them to D.C.
  • Vicky has demonstrated this by working on the Missouri defending marriage voter-approved constitutional amendment as well as The Missouri Stem Cell Research and Cures Initiative.  What I like best about this effort is that it is designed as a referendum of the people.  We’d do well to retreat back to our state governments to live in unison with our neighbors and to effect political change in a direct way.  Imagine your ability to “talk shop” with your local Alderman.  While state-politics is unarguably less direct, it is still far more effective than letting the federal government attempt to govern a nation of so many.
  • Vicky has run honorably, demonstrating that she knows this job will take big-time effort.  Her staff is working tirelessly.
  • And finally, in a recent email exchange, Vicky had to reschedule a meeting in the district because she was needed at home, to take her daughter to her first day of school.  In this year of the “Conservative Woman,” with the talk of an awakening of Republican-brand of feminism, this is the stuff I truly respect.  Women can be good mothers and servants of the people.  Thank you, Michelle Bachmann.

Can Vicky win?  She certainly is in it to win it.  She’s challenging Ike to a debate, she strikes back against the already-negative attacks from the D.C. elite.  Let me be frank, she doesn’t have as much cash as Ike.  Never will.  But you can help.  And you can tea party this vote.  I’m pretty sure you are getting the hang of what this means — flip the house, let money not be the deciding factor — use your sphere of influence (friends, coworkers, facebook page, twitter) to introduce this worthy candidate.  Research shows we much connect THREE TIMES to a voter to make an impact.  Won’t you be one point of contact in this effort?

Connect with Vicky! FACEBOOK……..TWITTER Did you know they have their phone number on their twitter page and it is answered personally?  Refreshing!

I join with Vicky.  I hope that all competitive races have acted honorably in their primary fights and will come together for November.  This is it.  If we fail in our efforts, this country will be unrecognizable.  As it is, we have a job before us that will take our most valiant efforts to overcome.

This page will continue to have links to news about Vicky Hartzler.  Check back often, because you’ll want to be celebrating with me in November.  Comment below with questions for Vicky and I’ll be sure to send them to the campaign.

Missouri is marked as “competitive, tossup” in most polls.

Make sure you click on *all* the Open Secrets tabs, but this one is telling.

CQ Politics Map.  Keep watching it.  As far as “leans Democrat,” this is completely false, Vicky recently pointed out that our district is a +14 Republican based on voting record.  We have Republicans who notoriously vote Ike.  This needs to end.

Fun Fact: when I was born, Ike Skelton was a freshmen Representative.  Term limits anyone?  Based on the Open Secrets information above, it is clear that over time the DC-dinosaur is nothing but an executive for interest groups OUTSIDE his represented area.  Notice Ike’s received over 50k from lobbyists… Vicky: 0.

Fun exercise: Vote Smart has great information about Ike’s voting record and has challenged him to return their Political Courage test.  Click here to urge him to answer about issues that are facing our communities including Cap and Tax.