Sarah Palin's Speech Impact

I think one of the most amazing things about Sarah Palin’s nomination and speech is the overreaction by the Democrats and their candidate’s supporters. For Barbra Streisand to devote a whole page on her personal blog to bashing John McCain for choosing Sarah and then calling women stupid if they support Sarah, says that Sarah must be a bigger threat than anyone imagined. The ‘pot-shots’ are coming fast and furious. That also says that choosing her as his running mate was one of John McCain’s best decisions. La Streisand says that John chose Sarah because he is scared (I’m paraphrasing here) since he just realized that he is associated with the “rich white man’s party”. I guess Barb forgets she is married to a “rich white man”. What does that, then, make her? As far as I’m concerned, Sarah is just what our country needs. She is a real woman that all women in this country can relate to in one way or another. She isn’t one of the wealthy, privileged few who had a nanny for her kids or never had to budget. She knows what it’s like to balance kids, family and a job. She has “run” a “business” and knows what business means to this country. They will be elected.