A Memorial Day Prayer

For all the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines.  For the Guardsmen, and Reservists.  Honor everlasting belongs to you.  Soldiers of America.  Your courage is your legacy, and our inspiration.  By your example do we draw strength.

For those who gave their lives, and made the ultimate sacrifice.  Words alone cannot express our sorrow.  Our love follows you to the highest heights of Heaven.  You who rest in the hallowed earth at Arlington, and in cemeteries across the globe.  Liberty was bestowed on us by you.  We vow to never forget this.  We pledge that you did not die unheeded.  The Promise of Liberty is renewed.

For their friends and families here at home, God grant them solace at the loss of their loved ones.  You will be reunited in the World to Come.  Our hearts are with you always.

For our soldiers maimed and shattered in bloody travail.  Tortured and defiled at the hands of others.  Bodies, hearts, and souls marred by conflict.  May God ease your suffering, and time make you whole again.

For those Missing in Action.  A seat awaits you at our table.  Angels guide you home to us.  Until such time as that, our prayers are with you.  You are never forgotten.

For the Soldiers of the Revolution, who fought to forge this Republic.  We are indebted to you still.

For the Soldiers of the Civil War.  Our Nation endured, and all Americans became free.

For the Soldiers who fought in Cuba, the Philippines, Mexico, and the Western expanse of this Nation.  History cannot do justice to what you achieved.

For the Soldiers of the World Wars.  You who went to foreign lands to halt the march of tyrants.  All free peoples rejoiced in your victory.

For the Soldiers who fought in Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Yugoslavia, and Somalia, combating those who sought to enslave the world anew.  You checked the tide of madness that washed over those lands.

For those we lost in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen.  Struck down by cowards.  Justice will yet be upon them.

For those engaged in covert actions.  Your names and deeds may never be known, but we salute your secret fight.

For the Soldiers fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.  You have liberated so many.  You brought a light to those who knew only despotic darkness.  That struggle continues, yet you shall prevail.

For those now entering the Service.  Defenders of our Freedom.  You join a noble family, a brotherhood eternal.  Serve with pride.  The sacred spirits of those who came before live on in you.  May their valor be with you, ever and always.

For All the Soldiers who fought in Wars.  Be now at peace.  May the guns and bombs be silenced.  Let Freedom Reign in their stead.

For all this do we pray.