More Liberal Insanity Brought into the Light

“Those whom God wishes to destroy, He first drives mad.”  –Euripides

What is the mental state of the common American Liberal?  They wish to be seen as compassionate and altruistic.  Greedy and conspiratorial is more like it.  And that glint in their eyes–pure madness.

As if you needed it, further proof of Liberal instability, here are some of their greatest hits.

Over at the Daily Show, Jon Stewart Leibowitz got called on the carpet when someone rightly pointed out it was President Truman, a Democrat, who ordered the atomic bombing of two Japanese cities.  Jon was apoplectic.  Proof of yet another massive hate crime perpetrated by the Democratic Party.  They’re still trying to figure out how to explain that one away.

I watched a lib’s face crack when it was made clear to him that Hitler was a Socialist.  A National Socialist.  That’s what ‘Nazi’ stood for, after all.  According to Jonah Goldberg in his magnificent book ‘Liberal Fascism,’ the German Socialists learned a thing or two about eugenics from the US Left.

And while Hitler turned Germany into a Socialist paradise, back in America Franklin D. Roosevelt was President when citizens were rounded up and sent to detention camps.  It didn’t just happen on his watch, though.  He ordered it.  They must not have had a strong enough coalition, or just didn’t vote Democrat.

They demand apologies for past wrongs, events distant enough than none of us were even alive.  Who have you oppressed?  Nobody.  Look back in time, and see who it was that enslaved his fellow man.  Democrats.  You may have heard their rewrite of history, how the two parties changed places over time.  That’s just so they can appear squeaky-clean today, when the opposite is true.  You owe no one an apology.  They do.

What about the treatment of their own special interest groups.  Who lives in ghettos, slums, and criminal havens?  Sadly, they are Democrat voters.  Where is the Murder Capital of America?  Is it in Utah?  Nope.  Why, it’s President Obama’s own hometown.  A sorry fact that in no way has anything to do with him.

Who spat on soldiers, and call them butchers, echoing Senator Kerry’s false statements?  And yet they claim to support the troops.  Yeah.

Who established the Ku Klux Klan?  They weren’t voting Republican.  Ask sitting Senator Robert Byrd.  I think he was there.  But somehow, the Congressional Black Caucus doesn’t mind at all.

Hollywood Leftists subject us to endless agonies in the name of entertainment.  Pure iconoclasts, they delight in making everyone a fiend.  Unless the subject really is one, then they get the revisionist treatment.

How many media anchors resigned or retired after being caught coloring the news a shade of blue?

Is it members of the Right now charged with voter fraud in the 08 Presidential election?  No?

Which States are in dire financial peril at this time?  Red States?  No.  That’s the fate of only the bluest of the Blue.  When the donkey goes over the cliff, it’s always someone else that’s to blame though.

And how many Liberal politicians have traded their tailored suits for prison denim?  Not enough of them, but more are on their way.

What constitutes torture?  Are we not tortured by the treasonous acts of the Left, those who make laws legalizing murder.  Ask yourself, why we are we permitted to demonstrate everywhere but near an abortion clinic?  Who turned an abattoir into a temple?

I live in Oklahoma, a State that until recently was entirely domineered by Democrats.  We’ve only had 3 Republican Governors, and the State House has its first Republican majority in 100 years.  So, if there’s anything wrong here, past or present, who’s really to blame?  Look into your own State’s history, and you’ll probably see a similar pattern emerge.

But, by far the most damning evidence of Liberal insanity is their voting record.  Who put Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reed, Frank, Dodd, Kennedy, Durbin, Feinstein, Byrd, Boxer, Waxman, Dorgan, Schumer, Hoyer, et al. into a position of power in the first place?