Animal Lovers

I was just out walking my dog.  He tripped me up, and I went down in a heap.  Not my most graceful moment, to be sure.  A woman was nearby, watering her plants.  She didn’t say a word as I got up and examined my injuries.  Thinking she might call the cops if I hauled off and whacked my dog in the butt, I let it go and limped home.

But the incident reminded me of a sad story I heard a while back.  It didn’t get much media coverage, so this is anecdotal.

Do you remember years ago, when a woman in California was mauled by a mountain lion?  Tragically, the woman was killed by the lion.  Animal Control hunted it down, and killed it.  But what happened next was so indicative of the fantasy world some people inhabit.  They’ll place animals above people every time.  It turned out that the lioness had cubs.  Cute, adorable, future man-eating cubs.  The deceased woman was also a mother, and her children were now orphans.  What happen next could only come out of California.

The public was asked to donate.  Separate funds were created, one for the children, and another for the cubs.  Can you guess who got more?  From what I remember, it wasn’t even close.  The cub fund raised significantly more money than did the one supporting the kids.  Sucks to be you, kids.  That still seems crazy to me, but I’ll bet the entire sorry episode would repeat if it happened today.

The PETA brigade at my school routinely wandered the halls taping pictures of tortured animals on every door.  Their feelings oozed when it came to rabbits and monkeys.  But when shown pictures of human embryos, they hearts froze over.  It was chilling.  Why do they hate people so much?

Occasionally, I learn of legal cases where people abusing animals are sentenced to harsher prison terms than those who harm people.  In one case, there was debate as to whether a criminal who injured a pregnant woman, and killed her child, would be prosecuted for murder.  Shakespeare was dead-on right about the lawyers.

On the lighter side, there was that smart guy who tried to live with the Grizzly bears.  How’d that work out for him?  Not well, as I recall.  One more Liberal found his place in the world, and the food chain.  At least it kept him out of the ACLU.

But don’t let any of this stop you from thinking that Man is worse than bad, and Animal is always good.