Graveyard of the Forgotten

Forty Million Dead in the USA.  40,000,000!  That’s the combined population of New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

We are told the Abortion Debate is a losing issue.  But how many more will be lost if we stop the fight?  Only we can lend our voices to those who never were, and will never be.

A leading Catholic university appear to have caved on the subject, honoring those who seek to expand the wanton destruction of human life.  The infiltration of ND by the Left is not the purpose of this letter though.

As with many straw arguments from the Left, this one isn’t viable.  But, because the victim is dead, there are no complaints from those the law condemns.  The guilt is on them, and they ask us to be civil, and to change the tone, and please, please, please don’t mention the tens of millions of people they legislatively, judicially, and physically ended.  If the issue can only harm the Right, why do they run from it like they do?

Have you ever seen a film depict an abortion?  I realize it’s ghoulish to imagine, but the depiction is necessary.  The libs show endless executions, and enslavement, and all manner of ugly episodes to hammer home their message.  They can made you cry for criminals, for the agony and suffering presented.  So what do you think would happen if abortion got to the same audience?  How would that not change the debate overnight?  From Margaret Sanger, to NARAL, to the honorary Dr. Obama, quote these eugenicists, and let them be damned by their own words.

40 Million people are dead here, in the Land of the Free.  Those are our fellow Americans, murdered by the Left.  There should be graveyards built for the Forgotten Citizens, maintained by Planned Parenthood.  Judicial activists can dig the tiny graves.

Abortion, if it remains law, might one day mutate into something worse.  Envision a time when it is mandatory in certain cases.  The State, in its largess, shall decide who lives, and who must not.

More little graves.  As far as the eye can see.  Filled by those who were never free.