Give Back America

“Give back, America.”  This is the mantra of the Left, spouted and scrawled, ad nauseum, through a form of auto-hypnosis peculiar to their kind.  What they’re really saying is ‘give up.’

Just who do they think they’re talking to?  You’re the side that still tithes, and gives while the giving’s still good.  Americans donate more money to responsible charities than any group anywhere, at any time.  The works of churches and missions improve the lives of people the world over.  Charity is the cornerstone of Capitalism, the rising tide that lifts all ships.  Today, the waters are filled with pirates, eager to hijack those ideals in order to scuttle them.

And what of is the Left’s take on giving?  Unless they’re actively campaigning, the Left’s elite don’t even make the attempt to pay their taxes.  Treasury Secretary Geithner probably didn’t pay his to conceal some perfidy while he ran the Wall Street FED.  But I’ll bet money, if the records are ever known, we’ll see he wasn’t very free with his cash.  That’s just not how things go.  Al Gore was similarly stingy with his greenbacks, until he conceived of that new Green Ponzi scheme.  They can’t be bothered to pay their fair share, let alone shell out some extra bucks to truly help people.  That’s your job.

Let us not allow the Left to decry Capitalism, after they have done so much to tamper with it.  Termites make terrible home builders, unless you’re happy living in a mound.  Maybe we should start our own mantra: “Give Back America.”  Because it really isn’t safe in their hands.

“There is at present no need of violence, no need of secession; for your tyrants must work their fall by their own misconduct.”  –Gaius Memmius-On a Corrupt Oligarchy