Clean Energy

“Clean energy” is just a code for “clean us out.”  Money will be phased away, replaced by biodegradable green credits.  I hope they’ll be edible, because that’s all we’ll have left, by the Left.  Energy is a hustle for expansionist government.

Fascism always comes from the Left.  First, they infiltrate and fracture the Right, and implode it from within.  Check.  They choke the courts, commandeer the schools, and lobby for ever-increasing government control.  Check, check, and check.  Next, they blame the system for every evil they perpetrate.  Check.  They make the entire political process so onerous and vile that good people turn away, unable to stand the sight of it.  This vacuum is quickly filled by activists, radicals, crusaders.  After that, once the power is secured, the subtlety ends.  The Death Marches begin.

But won’t the air smell fresh and pure, as we stumble off to die.  The sun will shine bright without all the pollutants in the sky.  Until the crematoriums begin to light, burning the incense of Gaia.  Not even smoking will seem bad to them then.  Not when it’s Liberty that goes up in flames.

It’s not ‘right and left,’ but ‘right and wrong.’  They can’t see it.  What they’ve become.  They searched for so long, far and wide, looking for a tyrant.  They found one in their own reflections.