3 FOX Cable Anchors Gun for TRUMP

It was painful to watch “The Donald” last night. Slammed out of the gate by all 3 top FOX Cable Anchors, Trump should have known the hit was on and done a better job of outsmarting them.

There’s a difference between probing, professional debate questions and pre-planned individual sabotage.  Also, the debate audience couldn’t see what television viewers could: Disdain for and in 2 cases, visible dislike for the leading Republican presidential candidate. While normally respected journalists rave on about the quality of last night’s debate, I saw a biased, less than professional set-up of the leading Republican candidate from the “Fair and Balanced” crowd. I thought that was NBC and CNN’s job.

Bret Baier zinged the first arrow when he asked for a show of hands of candidates unwilling to pledge support for the party’s eventual nominee. You could almost hear the 3 moderators salivating “ah-ha.”

Of course, Trump raised his hand. This brash, stupendously successful Real Estate mogul didn’t get where he is by pledging anything, especially when it’s not in writing, and no matter what pundits say.

Qualities that make this non-politician the favorite of America’s mad-as-hell, natural-born rebels, cause most media to despise him. Like many politicians, TV media stars are accustomed to adulation and celebrity status. High priests and priestesses, they’re the ones to shape opinions and have the last words, not successful billionaire renegades like Donald Trump.

Second and hard on the heels of Baier came Fox Cable’s blonde SuperStar, Megyn Kelly, eyes blazing. Listing Trump’s rude, extremely tame lockerroom comments about some crass, overweight harpies, the successful Kelly grilled him about his war on women, implying he’s a misogynist. Unfortunately, with the kind of question best reserved for a morning show, Kelly couldn’t resist returning the spotlight on herself, brightly as it shines anyway.

With viewers entranced or not by smart, pretty blondes, moderator Kelly was as sharp and full-of-herself as always. Later that evening, Brit Hume, known to be extra-close to her, almost fell off his chair on “The Kelly File,” criticizing Trump for his “ungentlemanly” behavior to her.

Other male friends called Trump’s natural riposte to Kelly’s below-the-belt question to him, “an attack.” But FOX Contributors know better than most that “attacks” are what Iran does. And, like Rhett Butler answering Scarlett O’Hara, Trump’s reply was appropriate to her question.

Trump already told us he attacks when people attack him. Most warriors do. But knowing this, Kelly set him up and made the headlines she craves, not the ones, as Trump declared, America needs to focus on in wartime.

Instead we got more mind-numbing concerns about “political correctness.” Of course, like most rebels, commanders, and conservatives, Trump doesn’t do “political correctness.” After all, who are Americans to succumb to such Liberal censorship by any name?

Last but not least, with the stage set for conflict, Moderator Chris Wallace also went after Donald Trump, with looks, if not questions, that could kill.

Among others, FOX’s post-debate pile-ons also featured usually beloved anti-Trump journalist, Charles Krauthammer, who said Trump appeared “lost” on stage. Especially when you have an animus for them, non-conformists usually seem lost. They look out of place because they are. That doesn’t make them wrong, and it often means they are threats to the smug status quo.

But whatever one thinks of last night’s debate or its moderators, it was clear the normally “Fair and Balanced” Network had agendas that make Candy Crawley look like Mother Teresa.

No wonder Trump’s concerned about fairness from the Republican Party. He couldn’t even get it from FOX Cable’s debate moderators.


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