The Certain Trumpet

Ages before Shakespeare and Austen, Corinthians 14 declared the dangers of “uncertain sound.” In Verse 8, an “uncertain” trumpet sounds weak, alerting enemies that they’re likely to win the war.

From Hamlets to Colonels, William and Jane also knew the world is made up of “Certains” and  “Uncertains,” millions of us struggling “to be,” or condemned not to.

As a young man, Prince Hamlet cogitated like crazy whether “to be or not to be.” Finally, nearing the end of Shakespeare’s masterpiece, Hamlet became certain of what he needed to do: take bold action to avenge the insidious murder of his father, the rightful King of Denmark.

In Austen’s Sense and Sensibility, young, impetuous Marianne Dashwood falls madly in love with the literally dashing John Willoughby.

Complete with the symbolism of trees, Marianne Dashwood finally discovers the weakness of willows. Betrayed by the superficial, short-lived Willoughby, Marianne becomes devoted to a certain trumpet, the devoted Colonel Christopher Brandon. Sobered by reality, she aligns herself with other “Certains” in Austen’s brilliant morality tale of competing modi operandi: “to be” or “not to be.”

Mugged by painful circumstances and informed by older sister Elinor’s love trials, Marianne eventually admits she should have modeled her behavior after the elder Miss Dashwood.

As befits the classics, there are other ways to describe the educational transformation of Hamlet and Marianne:

Both characters were young, carefree, careless “Uncertains.”

Both became more certain with increased age, thinking and experience.

Both began as liberals, as many young people with less than fully formed brains do.

After hard-knocks and monologues, both young people did what many people with expanding brains are known to do: they became more conservative, imbued with both sense and sensibility, with greater certainty about right and wrong, failure and success, taxes and death.

Learning how to be and how not to be, they join ranks and become “Certains.”

Which, complete with Biblical symbolism, brings us to the certain trumpet in America’s 2016 Presidential Race, affectionately, loudly and clearly known as “The Donald.”

Unlike 90% of politicians proving themselves “Uncertains” and “Not to Be’s,” Donald Trump is among the most certain of trumpets today. He joins Prime Minister Netanyahu, Jordan’s King, and a few good American leaders on the all but empty world stage.

This brilliant American business success reminds me so much of the winning World War II General, I’ve dubbed him Donald Trump-Patton. Both warriors are brassy, successful commanders who have learned how to fight, win, and say obnoxious things.

After the rule of a highly destructive Leftist, with America at war inside and out, we must choose a certain trumpet, a president who is not a politician, an independent leader who knows how to defeat our enemies, inside and out, before it’s too late.

Love him or hate him, all America’s enemies fear Donald Trump as much as the Nazis feared General Patton, and for similar reasons.

With astounding records of success, with no obligations to the Monied, Media, Political or Pundit Classes, with a bright, clever mind and solid ideas about how to make America great again, it hardly matters that, at strategic intervals, Trump brings out his clanging cymbals.

General George S. Patton clanged, ravaged and won, as he helped save us and you from the Nazis and Japanese enemies, 20th Century forms of ISIS.

Great warriors also attack when attacked.  All “certain trumpets” realize this, from America’s brave military and veterans, to her blue-collar “Reagan Democrats,” from Conservatives to small business owners, thinking fathers, Basketball Moms, and Charter School Grads.

It’s way past time to trump today’s Liberals…and too many weak Republicans….who chatter on, wring their hands, harm our vets and military, waste our money, and gift black Americans with failed Baltimores.

Yet, mired in the quick-sand of brain and regulation fever, these “Uncertain” Liberals have now surpassed what Margaret Thatcher called their usual “wobbly.” Actively supporting known liars and cheats, sacrificing us for Obama’s maniacal gifts to Iran, lacking a moral smidgeon to oppose taxpayer funding of its flush, vote-grubbing Abortion Factories, the Democrat Party now represents the absolute antithesis of Ameri

can values, as declared by all our Founders, by Lincoln, Douglass, both Roosevelts, Reagan and King.

Sound the trumpet…again! Added to known international security threats, the Democrat Party has degenerated to become the enemy within America.

Only a unique candidate like Donald Trump can win the several wars America faces now, should enough citizens rise up, go to the polls in 2016, and let the Democrat Party know most Americans certainly don’t want to live like Cubans. All Socialists who do, should stop destroying America, move to Cuba and stay. Obama just paved the way for them and it’s a lot closer than Guyana.






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