Donald Trump: General Patton for President, 2016

Now that he’s running for president, Donald John Trump reminds me more and more of George Smith Patton, Jr., the victorious World War II General who made the world safe for Liberals. Admired by most of his men and all Americans who wanted to stay that way, the great General Patton was despised by the weak and feared by the enemy. And he wasn’t even rich.

Nothing riles jealousy like power and wealth; and clearly, Trump has both. Unlike all recent Republican candidates, including the one that got away, Trump has made the fortune which makes him beholden to no one. No one can pull strings to make him say this truth or that lie. With Trump and Patton, what you see is what you get:  spectacular success, victory for America, destruction of her enemies at home and abroad.

Love him or hate him, misunderstand or misunderestimate him, Donald Trump-Patton gets the job done. The officer and the businessman are bold, brash, exceedingly competent “He-Men,” who win battles and wars. Equally fearless and blunt, Candidate Trump fights his battles in the business fields. Mostly, he wins. When he doesn’t, he re-groups as Patton did, forging ahead to do better next time.

Most important to all Americans, including Liberals, Independents, and Evangelical Republicans who stayed home in 2012 rather than vote for a Mormon, is that Patton and Trump are intrepid, successful men who destroy the enemies who want to kill us. Today’s Liberals vote as it they want to transform America to Cuba, but most don’t want to die before their time.

Where Patton peppered his rants to inspire his men and himself, Candidate Trump uses 4-letter words sparingly, if at all. Instead, his extra-bright mind sometimes gets ahead of him. Furious about the destruction of his beloved country, he blurts out comments like one angry spouse to another, in the heat of arguments most married couples have.

Last week, instead of carefully citing facts about illegal immigrant crimes against American citizens (consistent with the recent murder by a 5-times freed, illegal immigrant criminal in that Sanctuary City by the Bay), Trump lumped where he should have sliced.

As Patton might have said: “So f—— what?”

Patton told the truth about the barbarous Nazis and Japanese soldiers; Trump told the truth about outlaws and criminals crossing our southern border, and the Liberal Democrats who protect them.

While I’ve never met Donald Trump, I suspect he’d also approve of comments Patton made in 1944: “As for the types of comments I make, sometimes I just, by God, get carried away with my own eloquence.”

In the 1940’s, most Liberals knew who the enemy was. In those days, it was not America, but the maniacal leaders of Germany and Japan. Since the 1960’s, America has drifted towards tyranny, in part by following Leftist rules laid out by Saul Alinsky, another angry “loser” who hated America and success as much as Patton loved it.

Fearless, triumphant, respected, colorful, obnoxious, unorthodox, strong, inspiring, Donald Trump-Patton is the anti-dote to Obama. Like a loud-mouthed Lincoln, President Trump would plough through Liberals wherever they nest: in our government, in our media, in our cities, in our schools and universities, in our prisons and entertainment industries.

Among some of the strong leaders a 2015 Patton would trust and admire: General Jack Keane, Lt. Col Allen West, Lt. Col Ralph Peters, Tony Shaffer, Ryan, John Bolton, Gowdy, Zinke, Fitton, Kelly, O’Reilly, Cheney, Rumsfeld, W., Rush, McFarland, MacCallum, Love, et al.

With extra salt and pepper, he’d rail against what he viewed as “yellow coward rats” like Obama, Kerry, Dodd, Frank,  Reid, Rice, Pelosi, Hillary. Slammed by media “rats” for his ad hominem attacks, a 2015 Patton would “punch back” in ways that would make Donald Trump look like John Kerry.

But we don’t have to guess what a 2015 Patton would have to say about males like President Obama. He’s already told us they weren’t “real men” in a country that always needs more. Like many Americans who are not of the Liberal mindset, Patton knew that real men work and/or fight to protect family and country. They don’t wage soft wars to sabotage families and destroy America.

Unlike Obama, America’s Great Divider and Destroyer, General Patton respected each of his men as integral parts of what he called “the world’s greatest team, America’s Army. ” He loathed cowards like Hitler and Chamberlain. Cowards get millions of people who are not our enemies…and us….killed.

He would have hated Barack Obama and anyone plotting to destroy our Founders’ America.

He would have loved the winningest warrior athletes on the World Cup Champion US Women’s Soccer Team.

Like Trump, a 2015 Patton would admire and respect brave, industrious legal immigrants, as Trump respects his business teams and the honest, legal workers on them.

Not only would he condemn every outlaw who sneaked into America illegally, he’d round up as many as possible and send them home to try again the old-fashioned way. He’d return, jail or “seek justice for” the many illegal immigrants who have murdered, raped and stolen from any and all American citizens.

He’d secure the border and end threats to our Homeland in Sanctuary Cities like San Francisco, where innocent legal citizens are murdered by more than a few illegal immigrants, who until such criminals kill their daughters, Liberals love to love and protect.

If Patton had to go down fighting, he’d make sure all Americans knew the facts about who was actually responsible for their country’s demise. He’d make sure they had the facts, as opposed to what Daniel Patrick Moynihan called unentitled “opinions,” and as more of us know now, flat-out lies.

But don’t take it from me. Take it from the New York Times, in the days when a once great newspaper was filled with professionals and patriots, before they turned into what Patton called “a bunch of old ladies at a tea party.”

Patton’s NYT 1945 Obituary read:

“It was as the leader of his beloved Third Army on the Western Front that General Patton staked out his strongest claims to military greatness. In 10 months, his armor and infantry roared through 6 countries: France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Czechoslovakia and Austria, capturing 750, 000; killing or disabling 500,000  of our enemies.”

” ‘We shall attack and attack until we are exhausted, and then we shall attack again,’ ” Patton told his troops before the initial landing in North Africa, thereby summarizing the military creed that won victory after victory, along the long road that led him from Casablanca to the heart of Germany.”

The premier, more polished General Eisenhower understood that Patton’s blistering manner was far outweighed by his much more significant military acumen, his loyalty and success in wartime. He understood what today’s Liberals may never comprehend.

Whatever Patton’s human shortcomings in the heat and horror of war, a hell none of today’s media has experienced, he was what last century’s New York Times called “one of the most brilliant soldiers in American history.”

Since he’s still alive and threatening, pundits and candidates on both sides revile Donald Trump-Patton. Many hate him. More are jealous.

Yesterday, a FoxNews contributor omitted his name in the list of presidential contenders. The last thing they want is someone who calls it like it is and does something to fix our broken America. It’s their job to explain or determine what is is, was, and will be.

But millions of free-thinking and /or unemployed citizens, who’ve had it with pundits, politicians, and the Left’s long, successful war here, line up to support General Trump-Patton. Mad as hell about America’s destruction, they’re much more like Patton’s soldiers in the fight against Hitler, than Obama’s supporters in the fight against America.

Conservatives know America is at war: inside, with Leftists who want to “transform” America to yet another failed socialist state; outside, with Radical Islam in its many forms, which like Hitler and his savages, want mass enemy extermination and world control.

At the very least, we need President Donald Trump-Patton to clean up what the General would call, the “Goddamned mess” Leftist-Liberals have made.

Liberal Tom Brokaw wrote  well about America’s “Greatest Generation” from the era of World War II. But like most Liberals, Brokaw seems forever unable to connect the dots, to grasp that the heroes he so admires were Pattonesque, the opposite of today’s Liberals. They were nothing like Barack Obama and his insidious “transformers,” those Patton called “bastard losers,” traitors and worse.

In speaking to the 1788 Virginia Convention, another of America’s great patriots, Patrick Henry, declared: “Liberty ought to be the direct end of your Government.”

Under Obama, Hillary and Leftist-Liberals like them, Government is the direct end of your Liberty.

And patriot Patton used to tell his men, before they roared their approval: “The real hero is the man who fights even though he is scared. A real man will not let his fear overpower his honor, his sense of duty to his country, and his innate manhood.”

I haven’t read O’Reilly’s Killing Patton. But like other educated and/ or curious Americans, I know who and what General George S. Patton was.  I’ll never forget George C. Scott’s portrayal of this feared, loved, hated, supremely victorious American commander. The perfect Patton, Scott told it like it is and thus always will be to tyrants: “Kill off the Goddamned cowards and we will have a nation of brave men.”

A passionate patriot, a poet, an invincible warrior, Patton believed 20th century Americans would not tolerate a loser. Of course, the brilliant World War II General would not recognize or tolerate a 2015 America.

According to recent polls, millions of citizens realize that Donald Trump-Patton is running for president because he won’t tolerate it either.

In the multitude of current Republican candidates, they see but one fearless general for 2016, a non-politician president, a victorious commander who can and will fight like hell to defeat all our enemies, to secure America and restore her freedoms.