RE-FACE the NATION * CBS Sunday Re-Starts with a Smile * 6/7/2015

A conservative talk-show host calls CBS’s very popular Sunday program “Slay the Nation.” Disgusted with Face the Nation‘s amiable insistence that nothing’s rotten in the state of Liberalism, one radio host declares that ignorance of such facts is helping to destroy America. Whatever your opinion on past percents, more than half the nation now knows Romney and the  radio host were right about that and most things that matter.

The good news is CBS’s Face the Nation is also up for a re-facing, as of the first Sunday in June, as in 30 minutes. More than a face-lift where the patient’s face comes back from a long winter’s nap, the news show is likely to go in the direction of completing the circle. Moved by the tremendous success of the “we report , you decide” channel; by John Dickerson’s fair, informed, measured affability; by the impact of respected former CBS reporter whistle-blower, Sharyl Attkisson; and by Bob Schieffer’s good timing, Face the Nation should be on and running, rounding the circle with both sides in place, not to be missed.

In ways worth writing about, that circle rounded bends with new host John Dickerson’s mother: superb pioneer journalist and ultimate professional, Nancy Dickerson, with ever-present assists from his still extant dad, Wyatt Dickerson, who began his multi-faceted entrepreneurial career as a Hollywood actor and a witty way with words.

Gifted and talented John Dickerson may cringe at the comparison, but most Americans loved and admired the stupendous Ronald Reagan for significant reasons, conveyed by an articulate leader who passed the screen test. Judging from Liberal Bob Schieffer’s long, successful career, Dickerson and his persuasive predecessor also belong to this small club.

As a renowned reporter with CBS and NBC News, imbued with a fine sense and decent sensibility, Dickerson’s mother swore by her duty to report the facts. Wauwaotosa born, Nancy Dickerson was a DNA-Democrat, chiefly because she believed in helping the poor and less fortunate. Cut down in pre-Obama days, due to less than healthy medical advice, she died before realizing the serious extent to which Democrat Liberal policies harm poor and minority Americans. But she was too practical not to have come full circle over time. Had she lived,  it’s reasonable to conclude that in next year’s presidential race, she’d be supporting fellow Wauwatosan Governor Scott Walker.

As usual, The Washington Post gets some of its facts wrong and omits a few important sides of this story. But nevermind, the word’s out now that there are two sides of and for our nation to face. Now anchored by Nancy and Wyatt Dickerson’s second son, Face the Nation should present a fuller circle so more viewers can decide for themselves.

Sure as American Pharoah’s winning stride and the day after he won America’s Triple Crown, Face the Nation’s new host has worked hard, trained and been trained well, and comes out a  clear winner.