Binders, Brackets and Bullfeathers:

Liberals condemn labels, but the language of God depends on them, starting with right and wrong; weak and strong; wise and foolish; winners and losers; apples and lemons; dead and alive.

It seems God’s done everything to get American Libs to listen to His common sense code, but they keep kicking Him in the teeth. Every minute in this weedy flowered Garden, another LeftistLiberal commits and gets away with committing unbearably stupid, destructive acts. Constantly reminded by God, history and creatures who would conserve, they pick quicksand everytime.

Utterly impervious to what’s been proven to work, today’s Libs are trapped in binders, hell-bent on tying up the rest of America with them. And unlike needed organizing files for job creators like Mitt Romney, Liberal binders restrict our freedoms, tie us up, destroy our lives, businesses and country.

Their failed puddings form an endless parade, exploding daily on all manner of screens. Predictably and predicted, from Vietnam to Iran, from corrosive regulations to corruption, from ObamaCare to IRS, from B.O. to Baltimore, today’s Liberals (and their mangy little policies too) produce chaos, death, mass destruction and ruin.

Not satisfied with trickle, they’ve doubled-down on supporting vain, venal tyrants intent on destroying what strong Americans and God created. To entrench what brave, unhuddled masses fought, died and fled tyranny to escape. To transform our country into one from which our Freedom Founders revolted.  To destroy the free nation where whites, blacks, browns and reds (yes, reds) did all the work and made all the sacrifices. Like Marx and Obama, many have never done a day of real work in their lifetimes.

But these Leftists-Come-Lately haven’t just determined to take everything from “the little Red Hen’s” hard-baked all-American bread. They’re also on a mission to kill the Hen herself, to feed,  shelter, and enfranchise anyone Barack Obama can get into America before he’s out.

So much for the ties that bind and the Binders that matter.


The Brackets speak for themselves. Mitt Romney, the 2014 “George Washington” candidate who c/would have us (including millions of President Obama’s unemployed black Americans) nailed the NCAA brackets for 2015. Romney didn’t just do well, beating out Obama’s metaphorical 40%, he killed it.  How God plays ball in unStrange ways.


As for Bullfeathers, the third in my Blockhead Series, it’s a quaint word Theodore Roosevelt used to describe what crude, sorest-of-losers [mc_name name=’Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’R000146′ ] lately called “a load.” Bullfeathers is TR’s polite term for what Democrat Reid and Co. have been feeding the American people for years, where over 47% were repeatedly content to swallow a load of lies.

Incredibly, this group still includes most Jewish Americans, which Bill Kristol once declared can be “a very stiff-necked bunch.” In the old days, they’d also be called blockheads.

No matter what Liberal Democrats believe they can censor and decree, their followers are blockheads still. The proof is in the pudding of our world and their perceptions, which in matters of survive or thrive, are wrong every time.

Alert to good people in and out of Congress who are allowing evil to triumph: Besides being wrong about what Charles Krauthammer wisely calls “the things that matter,” LeftistLiberals are bottomless pits. They will never be sated, because they cannot be.

Who can blame God for giving up? He’s been ever so patient. God’s been in the emails that Liberals never got, and those who did, scrubbed them. Now, closing in on the eve of man-made destruction, even the Almighty has come to accept that LeftistLiberals will never learn.

But millions of us get the idea that God prefers floods. Despite the prevalence of man-made carnage, He doesn’t like a lot of blood. He’d rather wash away wrong and start over again, on another planet.