Screw Your Cotton Courage, Congress: Impeach the Lawbreaker

How many times must America hear that President Obama has broken our laws before Congress does its job?

How many breaks will it take til they know that too many laws have been broke?

How many lies will he tell til they know that too many lies have been told?

How many deaths will it take ’til Congress actually acts, instead of going on FOX Cable every day, complaining that too many people have died?

Millions and I say to Congress:  Give us our Founding Fathers’ liberty and action now, before it’s truly too late.  Indict President Obama for high crimes and misdemeanours, for treachery to America and her citizens.

In return,  let America show you that at least 53% of us are more than sick and tired of blowing in the wind.

When things go wrong, Liberals write songs and build memorials. But they jail their enemies for telling lies, a “sin” Obama and both Clintons commit, to be kind, weekly.

Liberals regulate us and our businesses within an inch of our lives. They make relentless rules to censor ideas from bold, straight-talking Conservatives, to protect other Liberals and weaken America as much as possible.

Unless they are not citizens, Americans can lose licenses and livelihoods for delivering the most inoffensive anything to people who were born offended.

But when it comes to regulating their own…poof! Nothing. On and on they go, pulling America deeper in the swamp, because other empowered Liberals have no decency or comprehension, because there’s a dearth of  Cottons on Capitol Hill.

Show me a Senator besides Senator Cotton, or a Congressman, now willing to stand up and say to President Obama the equivalent of what Joseph Welch said to Senator Joe McCarthy in 1954: “Until this moment, Senator, I think I never really gauged your cruelty and recklessness. You have done enough. Have you no sense of decency?”

After 6 years of proof and prodigious pudding, we know the answer to this question, as surely as others did in the days when alcoholic Senator McCarthy raved on Capitol Hill.

Instead of running for president one way or another, more current  representatives should focus on doing their current jobs, fully and well. They should start by taking cues from brave new Alpha leaders like [mc_name name=’Rep. Tom Cotton (R-AR)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’C001095′ ] and 20th century stalwarts like Joseph Welch.

We didn’t elect members of Congress to give television interviews. We elected them to work hard to serve and protect us well, regardless of media asps.

Whatever we hear from ubiquitous Liberal mouthpieces, most Americans did not elect President Obama to break our laws. They did not elect him to lie to us. They did not elect him to “transform” (Leftist Code for destroy) America.

We’ve always known that weak-kneed bullies like Obama and McCarthy have no decency. They have no shame. But they do have “head issues,” forms of sickness that brave, independent thinkers eventually confront and quash.

Congressman Wilson (R-SC) had it right early when he first called Obama a liar.

Several years later, Rudy had it right when he said that Obama doesn’t love America.

Of course, Obama doesn’t love America! Like both of his scalawag parents and most Leftists, Obama hates and deeply resents America. People with “issues” always dislike America, as much as they dislike most symbols of strength and success.

But historically, brave decent men (and women) don’t sit or fool around. They don’t over-regulate, run or desert. Men like Lincoln and Douglass, women like Tubman and Stowe, don’t wait for catastrophe before acting to stanch it.

And now that America has been conned by a smooth, “clean” operator and a corrupt media, it’s time for Congress to be Cottonized.

The world knows our enemies’ intentions, and “Death to America” is more than a plague on our divided house. We have seen how they think, fight, practice on others, and happily die for the cause. They know their time always runs out when brave conservative warriors become president. Only a stupid enemy would wait that long.

It is most likely that America will be seriously attacked before Congress screws its courage against our most sinister president and indicts him for screwing America.

While Dr. Krauthammer rightly calls it “disastrous” for our nation, impeachment is still not the plague, it’s the prescription. And such a painful, necessary cure echoes what Michael Barone recently wrote about Obama’s deliberate cries of “uncle” to Iran, the world’s premier pox: “Accepting a bad deal can lead to more horrifying results than the downside risks of rejecting that deal.”

At the very least under current circumstances, more than a few good men and women should jive with our Founders’ plan: to indict any and all rogue presidents for relentlessly lying, breaking the law, and thoroughly endangering America.

More than a profile,  Senator Cotton has already shown his Congressional colleagues what real courage looks like:  Hard work, sacrifice, honesty, determination, pain, struggle, active military and serious Congressional service, character, nobility.

[mc_name name=’Rep. Tom Cotton (R-AR)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’C001095′ ] even made Harvard look good again.

Unless you’re a tragically misinformed Liberal, it’s clear that Cotton, and some others like him, are on the way to making America look good again too.



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