President Obama: The Jihadist in Our Midst

How do they kill the infidel, let us count the ways:

Burn young Jordanian pilot alive to ashes.

Behead children and parents.

Stone, execute, bludgeon, hack, dismember people to death.

Blindfold gays and push them off the roof.

Shove people in wheelchairs from ships.

Fly jets into buildings crammed with human beings.

Build thousands of mosques in their country.

Infiltrate, multiply, con, get elected to office in their country.

Work with educated idiots to destroy their economy and defenses.

Permit millions of outlaws to overrun and degrade their country.

Grin, roll up sleeves, and pretend to be Christian.

Smile, bow, blend, act innocent.

Never speak ill of Islam.

Lie, cheat, steal and leave the murders to us.

Degrade Christians and Jews whenever you can get away with it.

Lead Everything but Prayer Breakfasts from Behind.