Prime Minister Netanyahu: Today's Churchill

One of my favorite T-shirts says:

A Politician Thinks of the Next Election. 

A Statesman Thinks of the Next Generation.


Unless you’re one of today’s Liberals, historically proven to get almost every serious issue backwards, Benjamin Netanyahu is, by factual definition, the greatest living statesman the world has today.

Last year, because of his courage, wisdom and demeanor in a world at least as existentially threatened as it was in the 1940’s, I realized that Israel’s current Prime Minister is as close to Winston Churchill as we’re going to get.

For all people who value survival, Prime Minister Netanyahu is the strong, necessary leader the world must have for generations succeeding the greatest one.

The chief reason President Obama and most Liberals despise Netanyahu: they hate his strength, what they envy and fear.

And most of us remember what Obama first ejected from the Oval Office: the bust of Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Like Churchill, Netanyahu’s a Wide-Canvas Survival Statesman. To safeguard the next generations as best as possible, he also has to think about the next election.

Netanyahu’s victory next month is a matter of survival for Israel, the Middle East, and eventually us.

Only the stongest, most practical Israelis can ensure that he wins.

Only world Liberals, slow to grasp, if not blind to all past existential dangers, will try to ensure that he does not.

For starters, anyone familiar with the facts of a smidgeon of history, knows that “liberal-thinking individuals” were the last to recognize the dangers of Hitler and Stalin.

Anyone who can keep score and add right, should have noticed a pattern here: 9 times in 10, people possessed of liberal “BlueBrains,” are late to grasp the realities of evil, clear and present dangers. These slow-or-no processing minds are what get the rest of us killed.

Not what the unbearably light, joyless Behar insanely declared is “killing us” : Conservatives’ Climate Change and Immunization Ideas.

Winston Churchill soon realized that Nazis, like ISIS and all Islamic Terrorists, must be named, rooted out, and destroyed.  Not degraded, not ignored. Destroyed, like the infectious, lethal plagues they are.

With WMD’s, the world doesn’t have time for these savages to mutate or become “civilized.” Existential threats to all of us, they must be killed quickly and at every turn.

All Liberal thinking people who don’t respond as if they value their or their children’s lives,  should feel free to go to Syria and Iran, leaving America and Israel to all brave Alpha leaders who fight and sacrifice to keep our world free from barbarians.

After September 11, 2001, when speaking to a committed, Palestine-loving Liberal, I asked him how he’d feel if his home were bombed. He became irate, sputtering that could never happen to him and his family, and how dare I bring up an scenario where his own sons might be killed.

No matter the response to this article, I ask President Obama to imagine his own daughters caged.  Dreadful as it is,  serious stimulation of his vacuuous imagination may be the only thing that prompts Obama to wise up, recognize finally, a great Prime Minister, and to act with, not against him.

If he ever read the Bible and I’m not holding my breath, President Obama might also learn from Proverbs 12:1:

Whoever loves instruction loves knowledge,

But he who hates correction is stupid.