Dear Charles Krauthammer:

Dear Dr. Krauthammer:

Well before your bestsellling 2013 book, millions of careful Americans looked to you for wiser analysis of the “things that matter.” Desperately seeking solid, we rush to read your syndicated columns, to hear you speak, smiling or not, on FOX Cable News’ panels.

Last year, on one of those panels, you declared that it would be “disastrous” to impeach President Obama, to indict him for “high crimes and misdemeanors” against our country.

For the benefit of Americans not on “Gruber’s A-List,” are you willing to write an article explaining why it would be more disastrous to impeach Obama this year, than to allow “known and unknown” existential catastrophes to unfold in the remaining 2 years of his term?

By co-or-omission, President Obama continues to demonstrate a reckless, relentless disregard for our national security. In existential terms, in dangers clear, past and present, he’s the most dangerous anti-American president we’ve ever had. His lame international policies continue to bear predicted fruit, and Obama still thinks he’s a swan.

I’m an ordinary citizen fortunate to know of word-warriors such as AEI’s Senior Vice President of Foreign and Defense Policy Studies, who recently warned of “the rot at the core of the Obama Administration, its contempt for the national security of the American people-who are at terrible risk from the Iranian nuclear bomb-and the vileness of the cowards and chickenshit officials who people the fiefdom of Barack Obama.”

All this pre-Paris too.

Last year I realized that prescient word-warriors like Pletka, you, 2 Cheneys, Kelly, Van Susteren, MacCallum, Savage, Pirro, Hannity, Rush, Baier, Thiessen, McFarland, Bolton, Keane, Kagan, Rumsfeld, Kagan, North, West, Hegseth constitute a current version of author Lynne Olson’s “Troublesome Young Men…the Rebels who Brought Churchill to Power and Saved England.”

Able to spot existential dangers far in advance of most, Olson’s 20th century men-and some women-fought British Liberal Government and Press appeasement of Hitler less than a lifetime ago. As you know, these tenacious “troublemakers,” rebelled to secure the ouster of a weak Prime Minister in favor of a strong one.

The rest is history that Leftists and Liberals deliberately, insanely ignore.

Dr. Krauthammer, will it not prove to be a far, far greater evil if American “troublemakers” do not do all we can now to legally remove our weak leader, if only because President Obama has clearly violated his seminal oath of office: to preserve, protect and defend America?

Worse than this dereliction of duty, Obama’s insidious Leftist policies have weakened our defenses, both enabling and encouraging our enemies to attack us during his term.

Anyone with the brains of hummus knows that enemies attack when weakness abounds. Anyone who can add knows that gangs of Islamic Jihadis and disaffected wanna-be’s anywhere (free to attend “Terrorist U” to learn how to destroy us) have 2 more years where weakness and open seasons abound.

Please, Dr. K., with great respect, I ask you to write a column explaining why sentient Americans should not take prompt constitutional steps to remove from the presidency in 2015, the Leftist Liberal Democrat who will be responsible for many more deaths before his term ends in 2016.

As you know, Andrew C. McCarthy has already documented Obama’s systematic violations of his oath and our founding principles.  In last year’s Faithless Execution, McCarthy did the hard homework to educate citizens and our elected Congressional representatives, presenting us with the politcal case for Obama’s impeachment, should the people of Thomas Jefferson’s “good conscience” be rallied to rid us of “rot.”

A skilled prosecutor, McCarthy made his case carefully, thoughtfully and in advance. Like your bestselling classic, a bible for how to get “politics” right, his book is a gift of knowledge for us to use or ignore.

Yet even some conservative journalists have “shushed” those of us who raise the question Obama’s impeachment.  Ironically calling themselves “Republicans,” others describe as “fringe,” citizens who propose using our Founders’ carefully crafted tyranny-tool.

Yes, we are fringe, in the same endangered company of Harold Macmillan, Robert Boothby, Leo Amery, Ronald Cartland, Lord Robert Cranborne, all “troublesome young men” (and some women) who warned of danger while others slept.

Yes, we are fringe, happily akin to rebel leaders like George Washington, John and Samuel Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, Martin Luther King and Ronald Reagan.

I believe I speak for millions of citizens increasingly concerned about a very troubled, dangerous president who, by his actions, cannot wish our America, the country of the above patriots, well.

Like generations of honest, earnest immigrants, our revolutionary founders knew tyranny firsthand. To protect the lives of American citizens, to preserve our liberties, pre-signing debates also focused on crafting a constitutional woodshed for any and all Chief Executives who corrupt America’s oath of office.

They gave us a purposeful tool, to deal with tyrants who made it to the White House; a tool to use, not to bronze. Less harsh than a hammer, the tyranny-tool is there to wield for American protection and precedent.

Dear Dr. Krauthammer, please share with your readers why you believe it’s a “disastrous” idea to impeach a rogue president before he visits even greater destruction on America. Few who know will ever forget that American leaders also dithered as Hitler slaughtered 6 million Jews.

All that and Paris too.

With deep admiration and sincere thanks,

Molly B. Wizer