Politically Corrected: Why Mitt Romney Should Run in 2016

You know you’re on the right track when a Libertarian laughs. This one laughed at me for suggesting what was, to him, unthinkable: 

At the smash-hit TeaPartyPatriot 5th Anniversary Celebration, I, American citizen-serf, declared to the very young man that Mitt Romney should run for President again, in 2016.  

OK, so he howled. A useful product of our idiot culture, he then smirked, rolled his eyes, and walked away. 

The ingenue reminded me of the millions of self-dubbed Republicans who stayed home on 6 November 2012. He reminded me of those who came out but didn’t vote for our Team Captain, our General, our “Man with the Rowboat,” Mitt Romney. Worse, he reminded me of myself, in the days when I believed I was growing up on the NY Times.

For many moons beyond that damp corrupted election day, I gnashed about the stupid people in our stupid Republican Party: Did egos overwhelm them again? Did their brains freeze? Confronted with known and predicted disasters, had they no loyalty, no team spirit, no sense of duty, no sense? Just what the heck did they learn at Harvard and Yale anyway?

These stay-at-home-Toms weren’t even Liberals. They were so-called Republicans who knew what America had lost and how she stood to perish. Besides country clubs, these people were blessed with capacious brains, with the ability to discern, analyze and conclude in rational ways. 

And to top it off, last time I checked, 2012 came after 2010. After ObamaCare, millions of unbearably daft Americans chose on purpose, not to vote for a better life, a better economy, strong security, lower taxes, less regulation, space exploration, smaller government, fiscal sanity, wiser judges and, of all things, the Keystone Pipeline.

It may have been Winston Churchill who said that Americans can always be counted on to do the right thing, after having exhausted every possible wrong one.

And here’s another way to say it on another eve of destruction: 

Third time’s the charm.

Come to think, Romney’s like Churchill in these terms:

1) Romney is the grown-up in every room. 

2) He doesn’t give up.

3) Unlike all empowererd Liberals today, Romney recognizes danger.

4) He knows who needs to fight back, why, when, and how. 

5) He knows how to lead, to organize, to persuade, to get the job done.

6) Mitt Romney knows how to disagree without being disagreeable.

7) He has a high IQ and a high CSQ, (CommonSense Quotient) a rare combination necessary for effective leadership today. 

8) He adores and respects his spectacular wife, their marriage and their large family.

9) Like Churchill, Washington, Lincoln and Douglass, Romney has made mistakes, errors that round up to most significant victories.

Apart from the similarities between these 2 statesmen: 

1) Romney was blessed with a great and good father, a reliable mentor, a complete education, a solid background, family and loving faith.

2) He has made the most, the best of everything in his practically perfect life.

3) Mitt Romney’s the closest we’ll get to Ronald Reagan for quite some time.

 4) Romney has already been vetted by “BlueMedia,”which is not to say that the Liberal “Blues,”  in and out of media, Hollywood, and academia will not do everything in their considerable power to defeat this serious Republican success-story again.

5) Because he’s the most seasoned, capable and known of all Republicans and Conservatives, Romney will be able to work most quickly and effectively to clean-up the enormous damage, the systematic degradation that Obama and his Liberals have deliberately inflicted on America since 2009.

6) On a short list of 10, Romney tops the list of the most honest politicians in America.  

7) If Romney runs, America and her discredited Republican Party will be spared the expensive, counter-productive horror of negative, pre-nomination debates and ads, increased voter-alienation, etc.

8) Once Romney is elected in 2016, he’ll expand opportunities to make lemonade and establish its most effective how-to’s. 

9) Romney’s proven successful policies will be given the chance to succeed on a national and international level. 

10) The deep bench of stupendously successful RedTeam/ Republican Governors will grow stronger, deeper, wiser, with valuable time to become more well-known.

11) Everything Romney touches turns to gold.

12) Everything Obama touches turns to mold.

The only thing Liberals despise more than brave traditional people who succeed on the field and brave traditional people who succeed off the field, is mold.

And to those who think “Americans should “all just get along “:  Well, we can’t. Everyone who enjoys thinking knows this cannot happen and will not happen, ever, because like poverty, evil and war, blockheads will always be with us.

Peace has no chance on earth until all of us are raised right, able to think straight, and (as long as we can fight to keep freedom alive) to vote regularly and right.  Of course, this can never happen!

But here’s what can:

Libertarians can laugh.

Republicans can unite, stop slamming each other, and start acting like “Walter Berns Patriots.”

Independents can analyze. 

Liberals can think, at least about what Abraham, Martin, Bobby and John would ask for our country. 

Conservatives can keep working, learning, building strong foundations, rejoicing that Romney is with us for now, and may, when asked, serve America again. 

Should the majority of all citizens be willing to arrive even close to the place where wisdom lives, America has a chance, if she finally gets it right by electing Mitt Romney, the Grandfather of them all.

And for some Godly reason, God has given us another chance.