Pocahontas Granddaughter Begs Sarvis to Withdraw From Virginia Race

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Sarvis: 

As Virginia lovers go to the polls on 5 November, our only chance to win rests with your immediate decision to be supremely unselfish and wise.  As long as you remain in the race, fighting for your political fortunes, Virginia will lose hers.

With the head and heart of Pocahontas, who begged her father to spare the life of Captain John Smith, I implore you to spare the life of Virginia in this war for America.

Mr. Sarvis, if you stay in this race, small government, free market, fiscal guardians, opportunity and liberty lovers have no chance to say NO to this takeover by saprogenic invaders, in yet another war against the fraud and horror of tyranny in our own land.

It’s within your power to do what you can to ensure that this does not happen in and to our commonwealth. It is not within ours.  

Born and raised in Virginia, directly descended from Powhatan, his favorite daughter, and the Sons of Liberty, I’ve tried desperately to think what I could do to prevent a false and scheming sheister from taking over our state.

For the sake of our commonwealth and country, all I can do is beg you to do what George Washington did, to do what John and Abigail Adams, James and Dolley Madison, Frederick and Anna Douglass would do.

No more than ordinary citizens in the 2012 presidential race, individual Virginians are no match for Leftist-Liberal frauds, forces and funds. No more than American revolutionaries could win our freedom without Lafayette, Koszciusko and von Stueben.  No more than the British alone could defeat German National Socialists in the 1940’s.  

Mr. Sarvis, I implore you to withdraw. If not, your actions grant and entrench power to Liberals, proven inept, corrupt, wrong for America, wrong for the world. Do not allow the great state of Virginia to be fooled three times.

It’s one thing for Virginia to be governed by a Democrat with integrity, a man like former Indiana Governor Evan Bayh. It’s entirely different for our prize state to be ruled by another wolf in Clinton clothing.

Like most of today’s empowered Liberals, these predators are insatiable. They stop at nothing but freedom’s demands; and then, but for an interlude.

The only way to bring honor to your name as a Libertarian and an American, is to do what you must to allow Virginia to remain free in this pivotal election battle.  To do this, you have to think of yourself as a soldier in this war, where your “band of brothers” comes first, before you.

I beg you, an earnest young man, to listen to the wisdom of those who have lived and died before you, who have fought and sacrificed for freedom. I am not asking you or your family to die, I am asking you to sacrifice for the commonwealth and country we love.  

Mrs. Sarvis, I beg you to urge your husband to follow the example of our greatest leaders. Counsel him to withdraw from this race, to do what Lincoln and Douglass would do: put Liberty and America first.

It’s way past time for Paul Revere. The tyrants aren’t coming. They’re here. They wear many masks, and they’re winning the war for America.

Mr. Sarvis, what are you, what are we going to do about this invasion? This is war, not a game, not a rung of any one man’s ambition. With respect, I beg you to sublimate what can only be viewed now as your self-centered interests.  Please listen to reason, wisdom, history now.

All Virginians fighting for America’s freedom have to be in there, asking with me. All retired generals, veterans, military, truckers, farmers, plumbers, country-club members, students of American History,  patriots, fundraisers, church-goers, all unselfish women, brave, self-respecting black and white Americans, and anyone using his or her brain, have to be in there asking you to do this for the sake of the liberty win a week from today. 

As idealistic as it sounds, this kind of courageous decision represents a far, far braver act than that which you are so far determined to do. 

As trite as it sounds, there’s a reason this kind of courage is called the “right thing” to do.   The “Left” is only what’s left over when good men and women do nothing or not enough.

Each autocratic policy, each reckless directive, each and every “ObamaScare” represent the abject failure and utter foolishness of today’s Leftist-Liberal agenda, the determined degradation of black and white Americans, the purposeful destruction of our beloved country.

Mr. Sarvis, by remaining in this race, you are advancing this agenda, alien and reviled.  If you withdraw, you establish yourself as a profile in courage. Besides giving your conservative opponent his only chance to win this Virginia governor’s race, the chance you and we know you do not have in 2013, you honor yourself, your family, and set a noble example of what it takes to win this war.

It takes loyal, selfless obedience to Buckley’s Rule, which might as well be named Lincoln’s.

I implore you to pause for 5 minutes from the heat and passion of life, take time to pray and ask what you can do for your country. Not what your country can do for you.

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary heroes. Mr. Sarvis, all I can do is beg you to become Virginia’s hero now.

This is what it means to be semper fi to God, country, family and duty.  Anything else is the devil’s detail.