Pre-Election LoveLetter To My Friends at Safeway * Target * Costco

Dear Friends,

I’m the lady who shops in your stores and wears blue “Believe in America” T-shirts. I’m the one who supports with unusual fervor the America as founded and improved by brave, honest, common-sense patriots…from Washington to Lincoln, Douglass, Stowe, Tubman to King, Reagan, Bush, Hannity, deMint and DiSouza.

You are my friends in my favorite stores, earnest professionals who believe they believe in America; who, like roughly 47% of our citizens, have no idea of the dangers she confronts with inauspicious Ensigns where fine Admirals should be.

Among my friends in all-American shops, only one man knows anything about our nation’s degradation, most thoroughly and deliberately under President Obama. As life and irony would have it, my friend emigrated from Greece and works at Safeway.  More than any other, America’s 2012 Election fulfills for him the maxim, “It’s all Greek to me.”  

I have other Greek friends who don’t work at my favorite markets: 

One is a 20-something girl, a classic clueless Liberal who insists everything’s fine in Greece.  It’s so fine, her family emigrated to America to check out the scenery. Young and blameless for her naive perceptions, she has no idea the Obama Campaign is quick to spot ignorance and is after her vote like mice on rice.

One is a smart middle-aged friend who knows Greece has blown it. She doesn’t know what to do but get upset and change the subject. A classic, disconnected RINO too nervous to watch FoxNews, she calls herself a Republican and voted for Obama in 2008. Like many Liberals I know, it makes her very anxious to discuss “politics,” a subject which defines and determines our lives.

My third Greek friend is obese, another proud, smart, single lady who depends on the US Government for the money she needs to survive here and at Costco. Disgusted with her man Obama, she’s classically uninformed and doesn’t trust Romney because she has no factual knowledge of him. 

My 4 Greek friends think of themselves as “good Americans.” Only one of them is right.

And now, not so suddenly, how other Americans vote has become the business of every citizen who believes in and is willing to fight for her founding principles. Like the evil issue of slavery, how other Americans are treated grew to become  a matter of grave national concern, national morality and security, with 2 opposing sides fighting to win.

As during America’s first Civil War, only one side is honorable and right, the side of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass.

The positive news is, of my 4 Greek friends, only 1 will vote for Obama again in 2012.  A life-threatening thirst couldn’t convince this one to sample the Republican well, contaminated by Liberal Media, sourced from President Lincoln himself.  She’ll vote for President Obama because she’s young, media-brainwashed, and from a Liberal background…what many Conservatives call an oxymoron.

Unless this sweet girl educates herself and/or moves back to Greece, her kind of brain will never be able to grasp the reality of true and present danger.  

Another friend will vote for Romney because she doesn’t want to look stupid or worse. Too many people have warned her it’s insane to continue to keep digging the hole, to keep making the same mistakes after repeated warnings of danger and destruction.

If she votes at all, the third Greek friend will go with Romney * Ryan  because I’ve shared information about Obama that she finds abhorrent.  Had I or someone not shared it, she’d have no idea because she refuses to watch media which report both opposing sides. 

My Safeway friend will vote for Romney because he’s a wise Greek immigrant who knows our history, prefers living in America, not Greece, and has progressed far enough to recognize that 1+ 1  can only = 2.

Like me, an 8th generation American, he doesn’t need a 6th sense to spot a tyrant and a fraud, another small, dysfunctional man who would be king and will if we let him.

Beyond Safeway, irony abounds at Target as well. One of my friends there tells me I’m entitled to my opinion. Still wearing my blue Believe in America T-shirt, I leave him with a thought which he no doubt will not ponder:   By no accident in America, we are each entitled to differing conclusions and answers. Whatever they are  cannot change the fact that the sum of 1+1 has but one.   

The BAD NEWS is, if down-to-earth Americans can’t convince more disconnected citizens to learn the facts and “vote right,” our country as founded, fought-for, died-for and improved, is doomed.  

The GOOD NEWS is, they have convinced them. In the sense of their certified disconnections from reality, Liberals may remain demented, but most so-called Independents don’t do doomed.

Early predictions of a BigTime Romney Victory stand.  Brave, selfless and strong, most American citizens are still not stupid…yet.  But like all “devils” in history, O&CO. have marked their territory and sown their seeds here, targeting our beloved country in entirely unsafe ways.