DeathGate: Living and Dying With Liberals

Something there is that doesn’t love a Liberal anymore. Many in power have become so toxic, even some Democrats are ready to wall them out. Struck by lethal evidence that Liberals don’t think or act like you and me, millions of unmending Americans “keep the wall between us as we go.”

It’s not that Liberals don’t make good neighbors. Unless you live in Oakland or Chicago, they often do. But Liberals don’t make good governors, in the general sense of anyone who governs from emperors on down. The proof of their failures is in globs of world pudding, and for a few months longer, in America herself.

You don’t have to be acquainted with Robert Frost to know that today’s Liberals go bump in the night and stay mostly confused.  Happily, confusion’s silver cloud still produces artful successes from these left-of-reality brains. But Liberal thinkers who try their hand at governance are worse than blind bulls at the Kentucky Derby. Out of their element, they shatter everything precious in their path, leaving a trail of destruction, death and, at the very least, poop-piles to beat the band.  Then they morph into rocks, retreating into the landscape, responsible for nothing.

Put another way: everything “political” Liberals touch turns to mold. Naturally, as brains go, this toxic formula is opposite that of Mitt “Repair, Reap & Restore” Romney, where everything he touches turns to something most Liberals pine for more than peace itself: gold.

It shouldn’t take a wall to remind Americans of right or wrong, success or failure, freedom or tyranny, life or death, “mold” or “gold.”  But it did and it does..in 1861, 2012, and in-between. 

It shouldn’t take the deaths of 620,000 men in our Civil War or the death of Brian Terry and others on our border with Mexico. But it did and it does.  

Since the 1960’s, empowered Liberals have worked hard to “wall-out” America as founded, fought for, improved and preserved. Drip by drip, they have degraded and damaged our country. Whether through drug-use, incomplete brain functions or both, their twilight thinking  has drifted so far from universal reality and survival, it qualifies as a form of dementia. In some cases, like Nancy Pelosi, Chris Matthews and Jimmy Carter, it’s insane.

Conservatives have long described Carter as one of those Liberals who “gets the rest of us killed.” Prescient and colorblind, we recognized that same weakness of spirit, that same demented thinking in Obama. We forewarned citizens about this dangerous, dishonest man who would be king.  As surely as the deliberate damage in and outside America, Obama and people he appointed got Brian Terry and others killed.

So, on this 21st day of June in this 21st century, I’m thinking more about Josephine Terry than Robert Frost, or even Abraham Lincoln. 

What decent, clear-brained American will ever forget the haunting face of Brian Terry in valiant service to America, contrasted with malicious cowards like Attorney General Holder and President Obama?  

What decent parent will ever forget yesterday’s pitiless declaration: “My son and I were very close.” 

No decent black, brown or white mother will ever forget the brave words of Josephine Terry. No decent gay or lesbian will forget. No decent American “diversity,” no matter the color, creed, or country of origin. 

Decent Americans everywhere still know who we are, and the divide is not as severe as Bill Maher would devoutly wish. It’s why he and other vicious Liberals call Conservatives “self-righteous.” Unlike them, we carry a compass, the one that points to liars and tyrants and bulls, to all poisonous snakes, black or white, among us.

If dishonor is the wall that empowered Liberals want to erect in America, so be it. Let them hide behind it as long as it takes for us to deliver justice to Josephine Terry and her family, to honor all who keep America brave, honorable and strong. Until every American with brains, courage and heart goes to the polls in November and elects decent, honorable leaders; if nothing else, in honor of those who sacrificed their lives so we could.  





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